IBM and Hacera Collaborate on Blockchain-Based “Yellow Pages”

IBM and HACERA have teamed up in a collaboration that has seen the latter launch a blockchain directory similar to Yellow Pages.


IBM and HACERA have teamed up in a collaboration that has seen the latter launch a distributed ledger-based directory dubbed the yellow pages of blockchain.

The project aims at making it easy for companies and consortiums within the industry to connect and participate in blockchain via a one-stop shop.

The tech giant announced this in a blog post published on September 13, 2018, saying that the directory, called the ‘Unbounded Registry,’ is live.

IBM Blockchain VP Jerry Cuomo said that the directory uses blockchain technology and is freely available to all blockchain companies and networks. He referred to it the equivalent of “yellow pages” that provides a catalog of decentralized platforms.

HACERA’s objective is to provide a platform that is like the central hub for all information on blockchain companies. The registry allows companies to interact and transact regardless of whether they are permissioned or permissionless.

Companies use the directory to register, search for information as well as transact across blockchain solutions that offer interoperability with all significant distributed ledger technologies.

Companies on the registry briefly describe their projects, including the current development phase and projected outcomes. This aspect makes it easier for other companies to decide the partnerships and collaborations they want to pursue.

The registry provides businesses that have similar or like-minded approaches a chance to find out the potential ways in which they can suitably collaborate.

It also offers registered parties a channel through which they can direct message the other teams in the process of developing a working relationship.

For private networks, Unbounded Registry gives them an opportunity to be listed and therefore become publicly visible.

At the moment, the registry interoperates with several leading blockchain platforms, including:

  • Hyperledger Fabric;
  • EEA Quorum;
  • R3 Corda; and
  • Stellar.

Many companies are already in the ‘catalogue,’ including projects by top financial and technology companies.

Users can now get information about projects from IBM, Oracle, Huawei, and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority among other major institutions and companies.

IBM Blockchain’s vice president also detailed the reason that led the tech giant into joining HACERA’s blockchain project.

The company has over the years realized that it is vibrant communities and ecosystems that bring together like-minded innovators that drive blockchain innovation and adoption. Collaboration is the main ingredient that has transformed how companies work today.

He further explained that:

“By working with HACERA and other members of Unbounded Registry, we see a future where consumers and providers of blockchain services will be able to discover each other and begin transacting more securely,”

According to Cuomo, the Unbounded Registry will be crucial. It will provide several capabilities like reserved naming and discoverability of blockchain applications.

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