Hshare (HSR): Why Shouldn’t Investors Believe It’s A SCAM


From nowhere appeared Hshares (HSR) and its Hcash token to rank outside the cryptocurrency top 10. The question bothering this coin is not ending because some people are not sure if it is a scam or a real currency. It is designed to work on both block-based and blockless platform.

The blockless platform makes use of the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) system, which is what IOTA calls its tangle.  Investors of Hcash can exchange information and value between these platforms.

Why the confusion of trusting Hshares as a cryptocurrency rages on, we want you to know why smart investors do not really believe that the coin is a scam.  What you do with your money is your choice and if you want to invest on this coin, this is the reason why you should.

Hshares (HSR) is Hybrid

If a new technology wants to be better, it has to beat the existing technology.  The technology will have to create a hybrid from the best qualities from the existing technology.  This is what Hshares has done with its consensus algorithm.  The coin makes use of an integrated system that can utilize the proof of stake and proof of work protocols.

The Security and Privacy

We love privacy when it comes to transactions. Hcash has given us the assurance we need with its zero-knowledge proof technology. With this technology, we can verify a transaction without revealing who the identity of the user.  Zcash has proved this technology to be perfect.

The bi-directional

In 2018, Hshare (HSR) is predicted to be a coin any investor can watch. The bi-directional process of the coin is something that allows the transfer of information and value between blockless-based and blockchain based systems.

It has both the Directed Acylic Graph (DAG) and blockchain systems which can work effortlessly on these systems.  This technology has made it easier for a currency to interact with any other currency and still retain its central offerings.

The hierarchy

We love the DAO that governs the token because it respects hierarchy.  The hierarchy ensures that there is simplicity in the governance and ability to make decisions quickly on Hshare’s future.

What this means is that we can vote as users, on the amount of computing power that is contributed and our stakes.  The contributed computing power goes to an integrated PoS and PoW system that offers the coin a constant vitality. It also offers a stable ground for advancements in the future.

The Platform is Quantum Resistant

With the way technology is advancing, it is easier for us to use different state of the art systems like the quantum computers. Hshare (HSR) is resistant to quantum computers that have the ability to work in a state that is not 0 and 1.

They are very powerful and are known to crack a code of any system when brute force is applied.  If I have invested in a cryptocurrency, I believe it should be safe from hackers. This is why most of us are certain that Hshare is not a scam.

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