HSHARE (HSR) Dominate Altcoins In The Bullish Market; The Crypto Rise Continues


Q2 has brought a major revival for most digital assets in the crypto space, Bitcoin is above $9k, most altcoins have been in the green for the last two weeks.

However, some altcoins are raking in crazy gains as the hours pass, dominating even in the bullish crypto market, one of such is Hshare.

As of writing, Hshare is up by 15.51% over the last 24 hours, and 1HSR is now trading at $11.30 apiece. Ten days ago, 1 HSR was traded for $6.5, that is around 70% price hike. Hshare is now the 51st largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization with $475.7 million (USD).

Performance of Hshare outside the market has also been high. Here’s a look at what Hshare looks like after the last community update.

A Newer More Secured Protocol from Hshare (HSR)?

Hshare Team has dedicated a lot to research, and currently co-run a research laboratory in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. In the last community update, the Hshare announced that the development of a new lattice-based protocol.

The newly developed Lattice-based protocol from Hshare is linkable with the Ring Signature Scheme, and so should support Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT). Hshare refers to the development as the first step in creating a privacy-preserving protocol for Hshare.

Hshare announced that a test run of this protocol would start before the end of April. However, the team is continuously working to develop a post-quantum secure RingCT protocol that would support the demand from millions of keys.

Prepare your wallets Hshare (HSR) users

Great news for the Hshare community. Hshare has commenced the Airdrops for all users. Hshare would be Airdropping 1 Ubtc (Micro Bitcoin) on the first of each month. All Hshare users are entitled to future Airdrops, all you need to qualify is hold HSR in their wallets during future wallets.

To redeem the uBTC with a mobile, users would need to enter a registered HyperPay mail address, via the Hshare mobile App. According to the Hshare team, the Airdrops are to continue until January 2022.

Hshare (HSR) Records More Progress at Monash Enlarges

In addition to the newly developed lattice-based protocol, Hshare recently announced the recruitment on two new research members, at Monash University. However, the pair will become full members of the lab by July. The Hshare Team is working on developing a decentralized anonymous credential system.

On completion, the system will allow users to validate their identity in a privacy-preserving manner. The anonymous credential system of Hshare in the works will offer full transaction privacy for transactions, including sender and receiver privacy and amount on each transaction.

The Anonymous Credential System holds much promise, although the Hshare is yet to announce a date, or expected time before the release.

What is Next for Hshare (HSR)?

The Hshare team has proven to be very dedicated in their research, and have done pretty well. Next, Hshare hopes to be the first platform to integrate and provide block-based and block-less services.

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