How The Gaming Industry Is Changing Thanks To GNation


GNation is an international, multi-cultural ecosystem that intends to bring changes to the global gaming industry. In achieving this goal, a special currency and multiple products will be used in combination with strategic initiatives and partnerships.

How The Gaming Industry Is Changing Thanks To GNationThanks to GNation, you’ll be able to purchase in-game content and earn from renting your CPU computing power to others members of this ecosystem. GNation customers may additionally get a free entrance into the world of new gaming practices.

Newly released games on GNation might be tested among millions of gamers. More essentially, GNation’s customers may participate in esports event tournaments for real money in the future. Part of their income can be sent to charity funds and for supporting rising game creators.

Highlights of GNation partnerships with Microsoft & Xsolla:

  • GNation’s team says that the concluded partnership will bring their services to an audience of 2.4 billion gamers;
  • Xsolla allows gamers from all over the world use MGO for payments along with other 700 billing options
    • Including the option of purchasing hundreds of games from hundreds of developers;
  • Microsoft and the UN are ready to support GNation’s charity initiatives

The team of GNation developers also created a set of various online services and products.

Right now, after a few successful partnerships, GNation is thoroughly working to increase its influence on the rapidly growing gaming industry and its related ecosystem to become an open platform for everyone who is interested in investing in, earning money from creating and playing games.

GNation showcased its best products and achievements at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018.

The GNation delegation at E3 2018 was very successful and attracted a lot of attention. Attendants of the exhibition could talk with GNation’s team, senior advisers, platformers & commerce developers. The GNation exhibit at E3 received a wider recognition than had been expected before the attendance. And it was a great achievement.

How The Gaming Industry Is Changing Thanks To GNationMobileGO (MGO) and its success

MGO is creating a revolution in the gaming and crypto industry. MGO can become the new  Bitcoin of the gaming world thanks to the massive adoption by over 500,000,000 users all over the world.

Such achievement became possible thanks to the partnership with Xsolla that has over 500 million users and counting all over the world. That’s why MGO tokens from MobileGO team will increasingly attract investors’ attention.

The MobileGO team is offering MGO tokens for free via its airdrop. Don’t miss this giveaway opportunity. MobileGO has already launched the airdrop event as it went live in early November! Hurry up to the be in the first ranks!

How to participate in the MGO airdrop

How do you apply for the free MGO coin giveaway during the airdrop period? Follow MobileGo’s official website and fill in the required forms.

Please follow all MGO social media channels and set the alerts from the official website — This is a limited offer — hurry up! 

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