How Power Ledger (POWR) Is Changing The World?


The crytocurrency obsession has taken over the world just like the dotcom mania in the 90’s, that dominated the news headlines.

It is true that some investors may lose money due to the volatile nature of these altcoins, but only good technologies can survive the alterations on the market.

Emerging Australia blockchain Power Ledger (POWR), an energy trading platform controlled by Jemma Green has found its niche as it sits comfortably on the windfall of bitcoin.

At the time of writing, POWR is trading at $1.10 and ranks #69 on coin market cap.  The circulating supply at the current market totals 360,621,601 POWR.

On October 2017, Power Ledger raised $US27 million in initial coin offering or Australia’s first cryptocurrency IPO.  The trust of its platform has endeared it to many consumers in countries like India.

The success was due to the fact that most of the platform’s Power Ledger (POWR) tokens that were issued got paid in the blooming cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, which doubled over time.

Consumers who have solar panels are given an opportunity to trade their excess energy they do not use by Power Ledger. These consumers can get POWR tokens through the blockchain at $ 1.06 each.  The company has grown from strength to strength after the federal government gave it grants to implement its amazing technology in Perth.

Early this year, Power Ledger got into the finals of the Extreme Tech Challenge pitch competition in Las Vegas, USA. This has given it the opportunity to pitch to Sir Richard Branson.

The British Virgin Islands are gradually been rebuilt after its destruction by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Power Ledge will rebuild the Necker Island as it makes a huge deal with Branson on its POWR trading platform.

Outside winning Pitch company’s praises, the company is already concluding the Fremantle Smart Cities project contracts, which will begin soon.  It has also signed another contract with BCPG, a renewable energy developer that is backed by the Thailand government.

The goals that are facing Power Ledger this year include launching a token germination project and the utilization of its POWR tokens to encourage ownership of assets in the energy sector with the support of the blockchain. The result of this will allow consumers with the POWR token to become beneficiaries and co-owners of renewable energy assets.

Power Ledger is planning on deploying its POWR trading platform to reach up to 11 foreign jurisdictions and get to over 100-megawatt hours that can be traded on its platform.

With over 15,000 buyers from different parts of the world willing to get involved in the company’s initial POWR token generation project, the positive effect will be enormous on the company.

The future of cryptocurrencies may fall on Power Ledger (POWR), with the unpredictable spikes seen the past weeks on altcoins.

POWR is still rising despite these fearful spikes. Unlike some vanity coins that are already losing due to market instability, Power Ledge makes use of the blockchain in changing lives and providing real solutions to the world.

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