How FunFair (FUN) Will Disrupt And Dominate Online Casinos


FunFair (FUN) is one newer and more precise blockchain projects.

The project is designed to revolutionize the online gambling, gaming and betting industry which has an estimated worth of over $45 billion USD.

The FunFair platform is designed to improve the quality of online gambling and experience.

How FunFair (FUN) Will Disrupt And Dominate Online CasinosBeing built on the Ethereum platform gives FunFair an added advantage, as it makes the online gaming and casino experience on the platform relatively faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

FunFair may not receive as much hype and attention like other blockchain based projects, but the project has made some bold steps which could see the project dominate the online casino industry.

FunFair’s Shift to Licensing

FunFair may not be the biggest blockchain project in the online casino industry, but the strategic move towards licensing taken by FunFair could make it one of the biggest projects in the block.

Last month, FunFair announced that they intend to shift towards licensing.

Now FunFair has completed its licensing, what this means is that individuals and companies looking to start up an online casino or an online gambling service can make use of FunFair’s license without necessarily needing to get a license from their respective government.

Here’s what the CEO of FunFair has to say about the licensing service offered by Funfair:

“Some of them (licenses) are very useful in that they are platform licenses, allowing us to do whitelabelling, allowing anyone to use our license to operate their own casino without needing their own license”

The licensing service of FunFair will give it the potential to launch any gambling casino service from anywhere in the world.

This service which solves a practical problem in the online casino industry will make FunFair one of the most favored platforms for individuals and companies looking to launch an online casino or gambling service.

FunFair Looks to Broaden the Playing Ground

FunFair’s licensing service is a great achievement, but the FunFair team is looking to broaden its scope by acquiring a strategic global license.

A global license will mean the platform can be used for any casino platform can be launched on the blockchain of FunFair, using its license.

FunFair is already a promising project, however, acquiring a global license will anchor FunFair as one of the leading online casino platforms in the entire world.

How FunFair (FUN) Will Disrupt And Dominate Online Casinos

Large volumes will naturally follow as more casino services launch on FunFair which in turn will help in increasing the value of the FUN tokens.

FunFair is moving in a strategic position, which makes the coin a good investment for long-term holds.

FunFair is already listed on a couple of major digital exchange platforms, like Binance which is an important factor in maintaining high volume demands for digital assets.

Price and Market Status of FunFair (FUN)

FunFair opened for trade today, July 2nd with a sharp price hike of 10.66%, consequently, the token is now valued at $0.027 apiece.

FunFair has a market capitalization of $135,612,593 which means that it is the 70th largest cryptocurrency.

How FunFair (FUN) Will Disrupt And Dominate Online Casinos

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