Holo (HOT) Token Soars 45% As Markets Tumble


Holo (HOT) is currently up over 44% as the rest of the market looks bearish. HOT is currently the cheapest token in terms of Satoshi on Binance trading at 0.00000012 satoshis or $0.000812.

Holo’s market cap currently sits around $110M, up from $75M just last night. Daily trading volume is sitting at around $15M up from $2.7M the night before.Holo (HOT) Token Soars 45% As Markets Tumble

The surge doesn’t seem to be related to anything in particular as the team hasn’t posted any updates on their blog since April 2018.

The team updated their social media to inform coders in the Bay Area to join their Holochain app design workshop in Oakland, California.

“Bay Area! Join us tomorrow evening for a Holochain app design workshop at Impact Hub Oakland. We will be discussing Holochain’s unique architecture, design patterns, and creating dApps! –“

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