Here’s Why You Should Take A Hard Look At Xinfin (XDC)


Blockchain has seen the sprouting of numerous projects over the years. While some of them have gone on to become successful platforms, many have faded along the way. Among those that are promising to disrupt and change the blockchain landscape is XINFIN (XDC).

Many within the cryptocurrency ecosystem may not have heard or let alone read about this project. One thing I can say about it up front is that it has the potential for an exponential growth. In 2018, a handful of the lesser known altcoins are predicted to grow tenfold. Leading the pack is this project.

Why should you pay attention to XDC? Well, here are three things that should convince you to have a second look at this coin.

The Hybrid nature of the Xinfin platform

The Xinfin platform is built from a combination of the best blockchain features of both Ethereum and Quorum. As such, the platform is capable of being used to develop a number of applications.

As opposed to purely public or private blockchains, Xinfin’s Hybrid network offers a number of advantages. These include transaction privacy, interoperability, and support for other currencies. These three distinguish it from both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Another aspect that could influence users is that it’s fast, offering 300TPS, and costs next to nothing to transact.

Here's Why You Should Take A Hard Look At Xinfin (XDC)The above merits make it suitable for data-intensive applications that are likely to be the need of major companies and industries.

Such a platform also has the advantage of allowing for wider adoption. From an investors’ point of view, the more likely Xinfin is adopted, the more likely its value will appreciate due to the usability of its XDC token.  It means therefore that the platform will find it easy to acquire the partnerships to drive its further adoption.

The network has several application uses

A project worth investing in must have a platform that can support real-world uses. With this platform, that seems to be one of their main advantages as it looks to break into the cutthroat blockchain space. Being sector-agnostic, Xinfin is capable of delivering tailor-made applications suitable for any given use in the real world.

The platform aims at creating an enabling ecosystem for projects in and around blockchain to access infrastructure and financing without experiencing the challenges of a centralized authority. The main idea is to serve as a bridge between investors and developers.

Look at the snippet below to understand how it has all the potential.

Here's Why You Should Take A Hard Look At Xinfin (XDC)XINFIN’s robust network makes it a big player in the industry as it has all the components of the main platforms like ethereum. For starters, it has the capacity to offer smart contract agreements for players in the trade and finance space. It also provides financial solutions through its XDC be able to facilitate faster cross-border remittances using its XDC tokens and smart contracts.

Apart from that, IoT integration will enable it to host applications for a number of industries including fintech, energy, travel, and aviation. Once the system rolls out its mainnet, it will only be a matter of time before projects in these industries begin to use the platform and potentially propel its value into the roof.

XDC has market visibility

The potential for a token or a coin to gain traction most often lies in the visibility it gets. The numbers of exchanges that are willing to add a given project help to tell whether the coin has support and therefore, the trading volumes. If a coin or token is listed on a major exchange, it means it’s easy to gain traction due to the possibility of being exposed to a wider investor community.

The Xinfin token is already boasting listing on some of the major exchanges which should help its push to become widely used. At the moment XDC is listed on Bancor Network, IDEX, Mercator among other exchange sites. What remains is for it to get on one or two major trading and exchange sites. The positive thing is that the project is gathering a lot of interest and sooner or later, could be on any of those global sites.

Other than the visibility it could get from being listed, the token stands to benefit from the potential adoption. This is especially possible with Xinfin trying to get into the $27 trillion markets in trade and finance. Its main selling point is its Tradefinex platform.

The platform has real-world use and its token will eventually command a lot of demand as usability increases. With its price currently at under a dollar, the coin provides one more opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

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