Here’s Why Siacoin (SC) Can Keep Going Up


The year 2018 had a slow start to the crypto market and seen many seasoned investors in the digital currency market fall into the doldrums.

The poor state of the market in January is now fading off as the Asian markets come to manageable levels as well as clearing of the outstanding regulatory market.

Siacoin (SC) is one of the digital coins that are settling up due to its clear and transparent roadmaps, support from strong teams, and an ideal infrastructure.

The coin is a decentralized cloud storage platform that is competing with the likes of Amazon S3. On February 14th, the coin was worth $0.02507 that was an increase of 8.91%.

Transaction and syncing

Siacoin (SC) recently released a support update for tackling the recent Sia-UI technical issues. The coin’s dev team is currently working to provide resolutions that they believe they will work to address the issue.

However, there is a chance of the problem persisting. If it does, the dev team will provide another attempt at resolving the issue. The first issue is;

  • Transaction showing up in the explorer but not the in the wallet

These types of transactions include the mining pools or exchanges. They sometimes affect transfers between Sia and Sia as well other types of transactions.

The main issue here is that the processes are not showing up in your wallet, however, they are still linked to your seed, so no need to worry that much.

The resolution of this issue is by reinitializing your wallet. You can accomplish this by editing the folder of the wallet from the Sia data folder or by using the terminal tab located in the Sia-UI.

  • Transactions are not updating

The height of the blocks in the Sia network was around 141,461 as of 3.15 PM on 12th February. The main issue was seeing the sign “synchronized” in a green text yet the height of the block has not yet attained the required height.

In addressing this issue, you have to delete Sia-UI blockchain and download a new one. Then you will need to re-sync it completely which may consume some time.

The new feature of the coin, SiaStats is tracking the social impact of the Sia TechHQ in Twitter, Github, Facebook, and Reddit.

Tracking of the coin’s social impact would offer a suitable platform for increasing awareness of the coin to people all over the world. The decentralized infrastructure used by Siacoin enables it to offer a competitive blockchain in the marketplace.

A marketplace is an ideal place for Siacoin as it consists of users who compete for business and determine the prices for hosting.

The goal of the coin is dominating the market of cloud storage and it achieves this by offering low-latency, secure, and cheaper solution to users. Siacoin’s network is growing day in day out same to its market share which is between 70 and 90%.

Siacoin (SC) has a storage capacity that spans six continents and fifty countries while offering a host within 50 milliseconds for every major city in the world. It, therefore makes the coin exceed its reach compared to its competitors.

This is not investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets and are very risky investments. Do your own research and/or consult an investment professional before investing. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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