Here’s Why Ontology (ONT) Keeps Climbing


Ontology displayed its uniqueness early on, opting for airdrops on the NEO blockchain rather than an ICO. Ontology shares a generic root with NEO, but is significantly different at the same time.

Ontology is a network of blockchains designed to help migrate proprietary enterprise platforms onto a distributed ledger without compromising them.

Here’s Why Ontology (ONT) Keeps ClimbingOntology (ONT) has been growing in recognition and interests from investors, traders and HODLers alike for defying all the odds in the faltering crypto market, recording remarkable hike in price while other cryptos plummet further into low trade trend lines.

Here are some of the reasons behind Ontology’s radical growth.

Ontology Lunges into The Automobile Industry

On June 12, the reach of Ontology stretched to the Automobile industry with a new partnership.

Ontology sealed a partnership with CarBlock, a company that likes to be referred to as the world’s first blockchain based transportation solution backed by working applications.

The partnership will see both companies join forces in building a blockchain based data platform.

Ontology is looking to build a new smart transport ecosystem that efficiently circulates vehicle data with CarBlock by combining its chain network with the intelligent hardware and IoT that CarBlock possesses.

Ontology – Points (PTS) Partnership

Points (PTS), a blockchain based credit service network recently announced a partnership with Ontology to build a network that provides financial services, credit scoring and credit data exchange.

Points looks to advance the adoption of blockchain in the credit and financial service industry by integrating Ontology’s distributed trust ledger platform into them.

Ontology Launches Ontology Global Capital (OGC)

On June 8th, the Ontology Global Capital (OGC) was officially launched. OGC will focus on supporting the blockchain industry on a global scale to increase industry participation.

Ontology hopes that the project will:

“have a global, professional, and influential investment team involved in the management of ecosystem funds”

The Ontology ecosystem is currently one of the most active ecosystems in the cryptoverse.

Aside from the above partnerships, Ontology also announced partnerships with its mother Chain NEO and launched the Ontology Olympus Accelerator program.

Further, the foundation announced the first batch of members to join the Ontology Advisors Group, these announcements from the base behind ONT’s exploding value.

Price and Market Performance of Ontology (ONT)

Ontology (ONT) is one of the best performing altcoins in the market.

ONT has continued gaining grounds while other coins face devaluation daily, the market opened today with over 70% in trading in the red.

As at the time of this writing, ONT is up by 7.54% and which gives it a trading value of $6.67 (USD).

The hike in the price of ONT token has seen the asset climb higher up the crypto ranking. Ontology is currently ranked as the 19th largest cryptocurrency with an estimated market cap of $1.009 billion USD.

Ontology has also grown in daily trade – exchange volume over the last couple of months, which signifies that the coin is growing in acceptance and usage.


Ontology is growing at a tremendous pace with partnerships and projects of all categories emerging on the blockchain platform.

Ontology’s growth cannot be tied to a single partnership or project.

These partnerships have undoubtedly caused the upward run of Ontology, but further opens up the opportunity for further growth in the future.

Here’s Why Ontology (ONT) Keeps Climbing

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