Here’s Why It Is A Good Time To Buy Verge (XVG) Now


There are a plethora of cryptocurrencies on the market at the moment. But why would you need to take a look at Verge (XVG)?

Look at it this way. When certain coins like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), dip, it’s usually a screaming buy. The reasons for wanting to buy these coins on the dip are that in such moments, is because everyone anticipates that the market will recover and that the prices will rally again.

This same principle applies to the Verge (XVG) coin. The market has been (and could still be in coming days) in a decline over the last few weeks. As a result, many currencies have seen their value eroded. However, with crypto bulls predicting that the market will recover over the summer, it appears that if anyone wanted to buy XVG- now would be the time.

Verge (XVG) at a glance

Verge is a privacy coin that uses a number of privacy protocols to enhance anonymity and security. The use of TOR and I2P is able to completely obfuscate transactions, making them untraceable.

At one point, XVG was seen as a better form of BTC. Verge has similar cryptocurrency qualities that Bitcoin has like being a unit of payment, currency exchange, and a store of value. However, the coin provides the much-needed privacy that Bitcoin among other coins lack.

There’s also the Wraith protocol that gives users a choice of whether to remain private in all their transactions or switch to the public blockchain. This feature distinguishes Verge (XVG) from other privacy coins like Monero and Zcash. At the moment, uniqueness puts this coin undoubtedly at the top of the pecking order in terms of possible global adoption.

Verge (XVG) has huge growth potential

The current price of $0.056 against the US dollar is perhaps one of the main reasons one should buy XVG. Though not at its lowest possible, the coin’s value is significantly lower to make buying it a rewarding investment should any kind of bullish upside take shape.

Verge’s potential is best summed by its remarkable rise from a crowded field. It’s profitable too over the long haul, being +871% profitable over the last 6 months and a massive +14916% in the green. So, though in the red short-term, (about -18% over the last 30 days) buying now could be very lucrative when prices recover as expected.

Agreement within crypto-circles is that many coins will experience upturns and prices will begin trading north. Verge’s potential lies in its vast exposure at the moment.  Partnerships completed over April have given room for more that are opening up space for the coin to be utilized at a global scale. After navigating the murky waters that followed its Pornhub deal, the only way one should look at this project is going up.

And that has been demonstrated by the quick turnaround of sentiment, from one of fear and anxiety to one of vibrant expectation. This vibrancy in the vergefam (Verge’s community), is encouraging more users and hence more payment providers and merchants accept XVG payments.

The number of vendors and payment systems that have begun accepting XVG keeps rising. The list keeps growing, with Dioxyme, one of the biggest supplement companies joining the wave of companies accepting Verge. To top it all, XVG/TPAY debit cards are on the way, potentially catapulting the crypto into the further limelight.

Buy XVG at several exchanges

One of the indicators that a coin is winning global acceptance is the number of exchanges willing to add it. On this front, the token is widely traded on several exchanges including some of the biggest.

The growing community can access the coins at Binance, Upbit, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and HitBTC among a host of others. The coin is also easily accessible and can be exchanged with other cryptos on wallet app Abra. The verge currency team also recently announced to their community that the crypto exchange Changelly was now accepting the coin, saying:

“Verge $XVG is finally back on Changelly! Buy it now at the best rate…”

The ease with which this coin can be bought will also accelerate continued use by the community. The effect is that long-term, we see the value beginning to gain, not by mere speculation but from actual usage.

Conclusion: The low prices accord investors the chance to diversify and one of the coins that could be big in 2018 is Verge (XVG). It has the team that can deliver and a growing global appeal that could be great for a price rally.

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