Here’s Why Investors Of NAGA (NGC) And MIXIN (XIN) Are Going Crazy


NAGA (NGC) is among the cryptocurrency platforms that have made huge gains this week. At the time of writing, NGC/USD was trading at $1.22.

The price was 10.32% up on the hour-to-hour charts and 93.09% on the 24h charts. Over the last 7 days, NGC has gained nearly 103%. The outlook is firmly bullish for this token that is ranked 195 on

NAGA (NGC) is a cryptocurrency with quite a number of attractive features. You can use the coin on the NAGA ecosystem to trade and invest in financial markets, deal in virtual goods, and carry out transactions involving other cryptocurrencies.

This is a utility token that offers traders a number of other benefits including low fees on the NAGA Trader platform, cash-back services, bonuses, access to Switex that offer very low rates among others.

However, it appears the biggest pull for the NGC is the NAGA Wallet. The wallet lets users send and receive crypto via email, making it most convenient compared to others on the market. Other than that, it offers access to an inbuilt exchange; instant transactions and charges zero fees. The wallet has gained a lot of interest in the last few days.

Here's Why Investors Of NAGA (NGC) And MIXIN (XIN) Are Going CrazyMIXIN (XIN) is the biggest gainer over the week on this list. The token that is priced closer to the 1k level has jumped over 75% in the last 24 hours to see its value climb to $992.89 against the USD. The token is ranked 56th on coinmarketcap and has a maximum supply of just 1million XIN tokens.

Over the last 7 days, the token had climbed by +164.78% by the time of writing. There are 414,839 XIN tokens in circulation while a total of $4.5million worth of the token was traded in the early hours of business today.

The Mixin team wants to build a blockchain platform that would provide users with instant and secure cryptocurrency transactions. The ultimate aim is to enable users to develop and curate cross-chain decentralized applications (dApps.)

Though no much is provided about the roadmap and future plans, the team seems to be actively marketing the platform via its social media sites. The XIN network is designed to offer these exciting features that might see it get more attention in the future though: crowdfunding, coin shuffling, smart contracts, and an escrow service.

It operates as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), on the Byzantine Fault Tolerance-DAG protocol. As such the network utilizes payment channels thereby making transactions faster and cheaper. At the moment MIXIN (XIN) has a lot of attention and could prove to be a project worth investing in it.

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