Here’s What Really Makes PacCoin (PAC) Stay On Track


The fiat currency market got back to its feet in the past week. The digital coin market had a significant increase coming from the poor month of January.

The blow that faced the market took place in 5th February gave rise to a potentially long-term blow for the digital coins in the cryptocurrency market. Digital coins buyers faced a tremendous low trading volume consisting of extreme lows.

The month of February the cryptocurrency space has a twenty-time return on its assets and boosted its trading value in the market cap. PacCoin (PAC) had a commendable growth in the volume of their trade in the first days of February.

The reason for the boost in their trading value was as a result of the coin addressing the issues facing master nodes.

Redemption address

The redemption address main goal was providing solutions for the master nodes. The address however experienced difficulties in addressing this issue. One of the issues was the spread of fake redemption addresses on social media platforms.

PacCoin offered a solution for this ensuring their users have a copy of their transaction ID as a validation key. The transaction ID would act as a proof that the user has sent their PacCoins to the platform. With this, the platform would be able to refund you in cases where something goes wrong in the transaction.

Updates from the dev team

The coin’s dev team had all hands on deck ready to launch $PAC. The dev team first dealt with vital issues that require proper coordination so that the launch of $PAC is successful. The launch would also pave way for executing PacCoin (PAC) redemption.

The redemption is vital since most of the coin’s resources are volunteers. After mining the necessary amount of redemption, the dev team launched a few nodes to support the network.

The dev team used their testing network to test $PAC and get feedback from the platforms using the testing network. The launch also consists of making sure that the master nodes mining pools are functioning well and ready for deployment to users.


After a few weeks of profit taking in the digital currency market, the giants in the game dominated especially after the 5% increase in the total market cap. PacCoin (PAC) also did shed a considerable amount in market cap that impressed many investors.

It led to an increase in their trading value of the coin and making it remain competitive against other digital coins. In fact, it remained among the top one hundred coins in the market cap.


What really makes PacCoin stay on track, is its ability to have a parabolic gain and do not go down fast compared to other coins. PacCoin (PAC) is steady and remains between seventy-five and one hundred and twenty-five spots in terms of total trading valuation.

It also has some lined up events in the next 5 weeks which will enable them to draw investors to their platform, therefore making its price moving forward. PAC is also able to keep up with the wavy market as it is tied very closely to its trading pairs.

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