Here’s A Look At 3 Successful ICOs: Odyssey (OCN), Zeepin (ZPT), Envion (EVN)


2018 has been fair to NEO decentralized applications (dApps) and the recently ended hot initial coin offerings (ICOs) has proven that the year may be a lucrative investment. We have seen celebrities like Floyd Mayweather Jr and DJ Khaled promote some of these coins and they ended up smiling to the bank. We have three of these recent ICOs that went successfully:

Odyssey (OCN)

Odyssey is designed to build a Peer to Peer Ecosystem and an advanced decentralized sharing economy. The aim is to improve the marketplace efficiency, increase ROI of product and service and decrease the overall operating cost of product and service providers. It is a blockchain foundation that is Singapore based.  The cryptocurrency of Odyssey is oCoin or OCN which is based on the Ethereum protocol.

The future is bright for oCoin because it has announced that it is ready to utilize the Qtum platform.  The Qtum has been constructed to bridge the noticeable compatibility disparities that are found among the blockchain platforms.

This exploration will help Odyssey to deliver a global seamless and open source platform and leverage on the interoperability of its system to support its users. The transparency operated by the system and the capability of Qtum in offering intelligent contract results will enable the authenticity of transactions that are created on any peer-to-peer network.

Investors will benefit from Odyssey and Qtum’s Go-Mobile Strategy.  The usability of Odyssey (OCN) is something that most investors will appreciate from the platform.

Odyssey coin was up 55%, trading at $0.043293, as of this writing.

Zeepin (ZPT)

Zeepin is a decentralized creative ecosystem that has the following dAPP;  project crowd-funding , talent recruitment, remote cooperation, copyright protection and ensures tradable digital assets on blockchain.  The ICOs is designed to disrupt the world creative system by offering small business users and individuals a platform to license, create and build digital assets through copyright protection and fundraising at an affordable cost.

Zeepin tokens are what fuels the innovation of this platform.  It has the ZeeCrew that is low cost, fast and trustless in finding members to make this project a reality. There is the ZeeRights , which is a blockchain that is centered on copyright results offering immutability proof that the holder of the signature has the copyright. The future of Zeepin lies in these factors including the ZeeProof and ZeeCreate that creates a matchmaking program.

Zeepin (ZPT) is back socially and financially by the NEO Council. Users will be able to enable organizations and individuals launch their innovative programs through its decentralized ecosystem that is governed within the platform.  Zeepin can establish its platform as a leading provider of the Creative Industry.

Envion (EVN)

Envion is a global and highly profitable decentralized crypto mining platform. It is hosted in modular and mobile CSC containers.  The coins trade on HitBTC to allow those who are unable to trade the opportunity to invest.  It is one of the top ten largest ICOs with over $60 million that came from 23,000 smart investors.

The coin is searching for people who can mine by concentrating on the niche markets that will offer cheap oversupplied and also renewable energy that will do the work for its investors. Envion has a patent pending Mobile Mining Unit (MMU), that will focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum mining through GPUs and ASIC.

The uniqueness of Envion (EVN) is its ability to bring the mining to the spot where investors are willing to get cheap power or to contract.  The experiments on offering both mining power and heat is something to watch out from one of these MMUs.

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