Groestlcoin (GRS): Another Unknown Altcoin Steals the Show


Groestlcoin (GRS) may be a terrible choice of name for a cryptocurrency, but It has confirmed the saying; you don’t judge a book by its cover. Just a fun fact, It was the first coin to activate the SegWit on its protocols and the first cryptocurrency to boast Lightning Network MainNet transaction.

Price and Status of Groestlcoin (GRS)

Groestlcoin is running riot in the market and is one of the biggest gainers as at press time. Despite opening trade today April 3, with a value of $0.276. The value of GRS has taken a mammoth leap and is now trading at $0.77 apiece after recording a 114% price hike.

With a market cap of $54,049,498 (USD), Groestlcoin sits at 151, a little down the crypto ranking. $35,879,700 (USD) worth of GRS was traded in the last 24-hours, an impressive 67% of its total market cap.

Groestlcoin (GRS) has been in the market for four years, so the digital asset is by no means a newbie. To Celebrate its four years’ anniversary, a lot of updates and new releases were made to wallets cutting across all platforms and the website, let us take a look at a few of such changes.

Groestlcoin Releases Update to the Electrum-GRS

The Electrum-GRS is a lightweight Groestlcoin wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux based devices. The Electrum-GRS runs based on a client-server protocol. With provision for multi-signature wallets and not requiring users to download the whole blockchain, it edges the original Groestlcoin client.

The new update released with connections to 40 TOR servers to create a better user experience. The Electrum-GRS releases with support for Testnet, Bech32 and a general wallet file format upgrade.

Electrum-GRS for Android and Blackberry

Android and Blackberry devices were not left out too, as they got an update to go with the Electrum-GRS multi-desktop platform update release. One of the most notable changes is the improvement in the UI, to a non-buggish UI.

With the Update, Android and Blackberry users now get testnet support, and the ability to switch between MainNet and testnet. More servers were added to app for better performance.

The Groestlcoin Sentinel for Android and Blackberry devices was also updated. The v2.7.1 updates bring the view-only wallet into the Segwit for mobile devices. A Haptic PIN entry support was added for more security.

Website Upgrade

The Groestlcoin website was not left out the developmental changes. The website went through an overall upgrade. The new Groestlcoin website has new graphics and has a better loading time, which matches its GRS transaction speed.

Groestlcoin’s algorithm supports accidental cross chain transaction. With the feature, if a user accidentally sends BTC to a Groestlcoin address, the algorithm would immediately deny the transaction. Groestlcoin has one of the best technologies out in the market.

To Wrap It Up

Groestlcoin (GRS) does not stand as one of the greatest coins, and as part of a developmental process, Groestlcoin gets feedbacks from members of their community on Social media on areas work need to be done, one of which is more Listings on crypto exchange platforms.

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