Grocery Chain Carrefour To Track Chicken Supply Using IBM Food Trust Platform In Spain


The France-based European retail giant, Carrefour, announced on its official website that they will be using a blockchain-based solution for its Spain division to track the Calidad y Origen brand’s chicken products.

According to their official announcement made on November 20, 2018, Carrefour is implementing IBM’s Food Trust platform, a system based on Hyperledger.

The system

The company explains that every label of Calidad y Origen product will have a QR code, which customers will be able to read with their mobile phones and check all the information about the food they are buying.

The blockchain technology underneath the system will collect all data connected to the product, such as the date of birth, nutrition type, the date of packaging, days in transport, etc, permanently and safely store it in blocks that, once they have been validated, cannot be tampered with.

Since the blockchain technology provides the immutability and transparency at the same time, Carrefour’s customers will be able to completely trust the evidence about the origin of the food.

As reported, if the initial test with chicken products turns out to be a success, the company will implement the same system to keep track of the supply chain of all Calidad y Origen products.

Calidad y Origen products are a product of one of Carrefour’s main supplier, Coren, Cooperativas Orensanas.

The partnership of giants

Carrefour revealed their partnership with a well-known tech firm, IBM this October, with the aim to implement some of their solutions in their stores.

IBM has been developing the blockchain track and trace systems based on the open source technology for business, Hyperledger, for quite some time. In 2016, they launched the Food Trust platform with the aim to bring more transparency to food supply chains.

Food Trust was previously joined by some other giants of their businesses, such as Nestle SA, Unilever NV, and Walmart, also to reap all the benefits of the new cutting-edge technology.

Not the first nor the last

Since the blockchain technology provides a high degree of transparency and irreversibility, it presents a perfect data storage for supply chains. Therefore, some companies have detected that opportunity to enhance their track and trace systems with the new tech.

Walmart is one such company which uses blockchain for tracing their entire leafy greens supply.

However, businesses are not the only ones using blockchain-based track and trace systems. One of the most recent and the most important examples of the utilization of such method is the South Korean government, which launched a beta-state track and trace system for beef produced in the North Jeolla province, with the perspective to implement it throughout the country.

It is not just about food. Other businesses realized that blockchain can help their systems with similar technology.

FedEx is utilizing blockchain to resolve their customers’ disputes more easily, while British Airways uses a similar network to resolve issues with opposing flight information from gate monitors, flight apps, and their official website.

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