Great Reasons to Buy Stellar (XLM), IOTA (MIOTA), EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX)


One of the main reasons an investor goes out to buy a token is the belief that its value will appreciate over time. However, there are other great reasons that make buying the above coins a wise move.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is yet another of the coins with great potential to deliver to the investor as well as to the world via its solid technological ecosystem. For one, Stellar is among the altcoins whose fundamentals indicate a march towards carving a niche for itself in the market.

What reasons make Stellar (XLM) a good buy?

Price returns: XLM currently trades at $0.27 against the USD. It has a market cap of $5.1 billion and a daily trading volume of $45 million tokens. The current bearish market is expected to turn bullish at some point. Therefore, together with other factors below, the coin could make huge price jumps. In the end, buying now makes sense for a hodler.

Blockchain infrastructure: its platform allows for the global cross-border transfer of value and has a big untapped market in developing countries where the unbanked would provide a huge adoption base. By providing access to micropayments, Stellar has positioned itself well for real-world usability, especially in money remittance.

Great working partnerships are taking shape: in IBM, the crypto has one of the biggest avenues for future growth. Already the tech company is using XLM on one of its projects.


EOS is a screaming buy at the moment. The platform’s impending Mainnet launch could be one of the factors driving the hype. Its value at the moment is $12.41 against the USD, and barring a dismal mainnet launch, should skyrocket with future adoption. The possibility that EOS could reach highs of $50 by end of 2018 is reason enough to buy now. However, there are other factors that could make it a compelling coin going forward.

EOSIO platform: Scalability and interoperability make it highly robust. Simply put, EOS has the potential to give Ethereum (ETH) tough competition with its highly scalable network, faster and low-cost transactions. Its open source and allows anyone to create and deploy their own dApps as well as blockchains. It will explode once developers begin to cross-over from Ethereum.

Solid team: the team behind the project makes it a coin worth investor trust. It was founded by Dan Larimer and developed recently for market launch by It also has some big shot investors and supporters like Mike Novogratz and Eric Schmidt- an indication that EOSIO has the potential to become a leading crypto.


MIOTA currently trades at $1.45 against the USD; low enough to be a great buy should prices rally and it hits a projected $5 in Q4 2018. However, these two reasons make buying IOTA now great.

IOTA’s scalability: The Tangle and the DAG make this platform one of the best when it comes to solving scalability issues plaguing coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Currently, the network is quite slow due to the low demand.

However, as the demand for MIOTA and related payments grows, the network is expected to be able to scale to infinite proportions. What this means is that it becomes better with use, unlike some of the current blockchains that become sluggish with increased use.

IOTA and technological advancement: This is one of the main reasons to invest in MIOTA. The crypto is uniquely positioning itself in the tech space with IoT and M2M at the center of all that will likely be a catalyst of its price explosion.

This is being achieved via strategic partnerships, two of which are the recent deals with the UN and In addition, IOTA has secured some great partnerships with BOSCH, Volkswagen, and Porsche. And with partnerships in eHealth, smart energy, and supply chain, future adoptions of IOTA make the current price a bargain


It’s just 3 days to the TRON mainnet and the community’s excitement is sky-high. It is understandable for TRX promises to be one of the top coins in the crypto industry. At just $0.072 against the USD, the coin’s value presents investors who missed on Bitcoin and Ethereum with a chance to invest in a great project. What other reasons are there to buy TRON (TRX)?

TRON’s Mainnet and Super Representatives: The Mainnet may be hoarding all the attention due to its potential to catapult TRX above many other coins. More dApps on TRON are possible, adding to value growth.

However, another crucial aspect that makes TRON appear solid for the future is the election of its 27 super representatives. They will be charged with maintaining and validating transactions on the network and has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s an indicator of the trust and belief in TRON’s potential.

The team and possible partnerships: If there’s a coin whose team is aggressive at marketing, then TRON it is. Led by Justin Sun, the platform has embarked on some strategic marketing plans that have seen the coin boast over 100 million supporters.

The $30 million airdrop to Ethereum holders was just one example of what the crypto can do. The team is also composed of some of the top blockchain minds from China. To top it all, TRON could land a game-changing partnership in the country.  It’s also possible we could see TRX on a major exchange like Coinbase, and value will be more than double in 2018-2019.

Conclusion: The future potential of these coins lie in the real world usability. They are great for hodling and thus buying now could be a great move.

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