Great Lakes Science Center Begins Accepting Bitcoin To Support Blockchain Ecosystem In Cleveland


You can now book and pay for a visit to the Great Lakes Science Center museum in Cleveland, Ohio, via Bitcoin (BTC).

The museum, one of the largest in the U.S with over 300,000 annual visits, has announced that cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is now an accepted payment method.

For the first time at the museum, visitors will be allowed to pay entry fee using Bitcoin (BTC) beginning Tuesday, November 13.

Great Lakes Science Center Begins Accepting Bitcoin To Support Blockchain Ecosystem In ClevelandThe museum’s management has said that it will utilize BitPay in processing the Bitcoin payments and that its visitors will have the opportunity to access the payment method via a mobile-based app.

The museum’s move to accept crypto payments has come at a time the institution is preparing to host an inaugural conference that will focus on the place of blockchain and crypto industry in society.

Dubbed the Blockland Solutions Conference, the conference will be a four-day event scheduled for December this year.

The Great Lakes Science Center CEO Kirsten Ellenbogen said that the conference has attracted a lot of attention in the Cleveland community and that accepting bitcoin is one way of aiding blockchain adoption.

“Accepting bitcoin is just a small part of the momentum to grow a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland.”

Ellenbogen, also the museum’s president, emphasized that the move to accept BTC payments is geared towards enhancing the institution’s innovativeness in not only science, but also the fields of technology, engineering, and math.

One of the center’s main attractions is the NASA Glenn Visitor Center that will benefit from the new mobile app that enables users to pay via crypto.

She said that the app utilizes virtual reality to allow visitors to experience “flames in space and test spacecraft designs re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.” The museum launched the mobile app last year.

Third museum in America to accept Bitcoin

The Great Lakes Science Center is the third museum in the U.S. to accept crypto as payment. Alongside it, there is the Texas Museum of the Coastal Bend and the St. Petersburg Museum of History located in Florida.

The Texas-based cultural and historical center began accepting Bitcoin in November 2013. At the time, the U.S museum integrated with BitPay to accept BTC for donations among other payments.

A spokesperson for the Museum had sounded skeptical that the public would use Bitcoin, though he added that integrating the crypto would not cost them anything.

“I have to admit. I’m skeptical that anyone will visit and use BTC. But it doesn’t cost us anything to try, and it’s pretty cool to say that we’re the first.”

The St. Petersburg Museum of Natural History began to accept BTC payments in September 2014.

Bitcoin Integration on the Rise

It is ten years since Bitcoin launched, and a lot has happened in the crypto industry. Bitcoin pioneer Jeff Garzik recently said that Bitcoin has yet to become what the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper envisioned. However, he agreed that the crypto’s steady growth is unstoppable.

Already, Bitcoin is seen as a major investment asset class by major Wall Street firms like Fidelity, ICE, and Morgan Stanley.

An increasing number of institutions are integrating BTC as a payment method, a move that is set to see Bitcoin’s use as a payment currency increase.

There are several payment processors facilitating this, with some of the most popular gateways being BitPay, leading crypto platform Coinbase and Shopify.

According to, there are over 100,000 merchant integrations that allow users to pay for goods and services using Bitcoin.

Luxury watchmaker Hublot is among the latest companies to accept Bitcoin, using the crypto to oversee the sale of over 210 Bitcoin-themed sports watches.

The ease of integrating with crypto payment processors means an increasing number of merchants could turn to Bitcoin as a new payment method to attract a growing base of crypto users.

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