Google Reportedly Bans ‘Ethereum’ Keyword On Its Advertising Platform


Decenter, a Serbia-based Ethereum startup, has reported that its advertisements on Google are not showing.

The firm, which provides services in smart contracts auditing, states in a tweet posted on January 10, that Google Ads had blacklisted the Ethereum (ETH) keyword.

Google Ads responded via its official account, replying to the Decenter tweet by saying that advertisers could promote crypto exchanges that targeted the United States and Japan on the platform, but that ads targeting other countries may be the reason the startup’s ads got rejected.

Decenter replied to this, explaining that the firm comprised a group of developers who handle smart contract audits, adding that they had been receiving an ‘error message’ whenever they use “ethereum development services” and “ethereum security audits” as keywords.

Google Ads responded to this too, telling the developer group that the Google “wouldn’t be able to preemptively confirm if [the startup’s] keyword is eligible to trigger ads.”

Google’s support team, however, recommended that the group refers to the ‘cryptocurrencies’ section of Google’s policy regarding financial products and services.

Decenter then posted their complaint on Reddit, asking if anyone else in the Ethereum community was experiencing the same thing and whether there had been any changes to the Google Ads policy.

In their open query, the team had noted that any keyword that contained “ethereum” no longer showed in the group’s campaigns. They added:

“The keyphrases such as “ethereum security audits” were simply getting impressions until January 8th and then suddenly stopped, showing only this very ambiguous error as the explanation.”


Screenshot of ETH related error on Google Ads|Source: Decenter tweet, January 10.

The startup further explains on Reddit that they had carried out searches for “ethereum smart contract audits” and “eos smart contract audits”; interestingly noting that only searches about EOS showed ads.

Decenter also notes that the apparent ban does not apply to related words like ‘ico’ bitcoin or eos.

One Reddit user posted a comment that criticizes Google for seemingly not acting impartially. The user notes that the tech giant is bogged down by multiple “political and economic agendas,” and that they willingly “use their various services to promote their preferences.”

” AdSense and Youtube are notorious for this, but there have been some incidents regarding the play store as well.”

Google announced a blanket ban on all crypto-related ads on its platform in March 2018. However, the search engine provider announced in September that it was allowing cryptocurrency related advertising after a change in its policy.

As per the update, the new changes would allow crypto exchange ads targeted for the U.S. and Japan.

Google’s ban on crypto advertising in many other locations will likely not change soon, maybe until the company can finally filter ads that promote crypto-related scams and other fraudulent activities.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets and are very risky investments. Do your research and consult an investment professional before investing. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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