Good Reasons To Keep An Eye On Ardor (ARDR)


In this article, we will look at the mayhem Ardor (ARDR) has managed to create in the crypto space and the reasons why you should invest in it early.

What does Ardor (ARDR) Mean?

Ardor (ARDR) can be termed as the evolution of NXT software. The crypto has been designed to tackle issues regarding blockchain bloat, versatility, and scalability.

This blockchain system was designed as a complete ecosystem that allows several players to interact without having to do it outside the platform. It also comes with some cool features that include:

  • It will solve the issue that users have of storing and processing large amounts of data that aren’t important on the blockchain. Ardor can achieve this by separating the tokens used for normal transactions from those allocated to provide blockchain security.
  • Ardor platform has a special parent-child chain architecture. This makes it possible for them to create their products and services utilizing child chains while also relying on the security provided by the parent chain.
  • The platform makes use of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that removes mining competition. Thus the nodes can use low energy and some economic
  • Its Child chain transactions can be eliminated from the blockchain the moment they are confirmed. This helps in keeping the actual blockchain lightweight and very efficient.

Ardor (ARDR) was designed using NXT’s established four years of production experience and is currently being developed in Java.

It’s position in the crypto market

At the moment, Ardor is at the Testnet stage, with the expectation that it would be launched this month. All Ardor coins have already been distributed via a three month period snapshot of NXT that was established back in the third quarter of 2016.

Thus individuals that held NXT through that period will be rewarded with Ardor coins. Ardor can be traded on exchange platforms and is already surging steadily.

Taking a look at the market value of NEM and the features that Ardor is offering users, coupled with the fact that most people aren’t aware of what Ardor is, it is safe to claim that a rise to $500m-$1b over the next few months after the release is a realistic target.

At the beginning of November last year, Ardor (ARDR) was trading at a low $0.20 per coins. Fast forward a month later, and it is now trading at $1.85 and looks to extend that run through this month. How far ARDR will go is still unknown but looking at its traditional metrics, then it is expected to go far.

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