Gifto (GTO): Another Gem In The Cryptospace Unravels


Gifto (GTO) has a successfully ICO in December 2017 and launched it as a platform for making instant payments via customized gift contents, ever since, the digital asset has remained virtually unnoticed in the vast crypto market. As Gifto records crazy figures, it has begun to receive a lot of attention.

Recent Price and Performance of Gifto (GTO)

Gifto has managed to post positive figures almost every day since Q2 began. However, over the last 24 hours, the price of GTO has skyrocketed. As at 12:20 (UTC), the GTO token has recorded gains of over 45% over the last 24 hours, making it the 3rd biggest gainer in the entire crypto space.

The rocketing gains of the GTO token has seen it hit its all-time high of $0.587. The price push over the last 24 hours has moved Gifto into the top 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Gifto is now ranked 81st with a market cap of $252.43 million (USD).

Could this be a push for the moon by Gifto? Gifto has not only been recording large returns in the market departments, but it also has a couple of good improvements to go with it.

New Listings for Gifto (GTO)

For assets not playing in the big league, getting listed on major exchange platforms can serve as a big lift. As Gifto posts mammoth figures, Gifto gets a new listing from Upbit, the biggest digital exchange platform in South Korea. Gifto was listed with only KRW (South Korean Won) trading pair.

The Listing of GTO on Upbit is only 3 hours only (from when this article was written) and this adds to the GTO listings which include; Binance, Coin Tiger, Bancor, Bibox, Cobinhood, Gatecoin, Kyber, and OKEx. More exchange listings and greater trading volume usually translate to asset growth.

A New Line of Focus for Gifto

As it turns out, Gifto has another major focus asides virtual gifting, and its blockchain gaming. On the 24 of April, CEO of Gifto, Andy Tian announced the launch of a new blockchain game, the first from Gifto’s AIG team, GIFTOMON.

Giftomon is a fighting blockchain game. In the virtual world of Giftomon, 8 unique species (still called Giftomons) exist. These unique species are collected, bought or bred by a user who can use them to challenge opponents.

A New Phase for Andy Tian

CEO of Gifto, Andy Tian has embarked on a new project, the xGoogle Blockchain Alliance (GBA). Andy Tian is a co-founder of the GBA, which when completed would be a collaborative space for inquiry, dialogue, and development relating to blockchain technology for Googlers.

GBA has promised to incubate high-quality blockchain projects by working area. In March, Google announced that it was going to ban all crypto related adverts on Google Adwords, the GBA project seems like a timely project, as it may be the push Google needs to support blockchain development.

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