Genesis Vision (GVT) Plants To Revolutionizing Trust Management In Financial Markets


Genesis Vision is a relatively new project in the crypto market having completed its ICO in November 2017.

Genesis Vision may not be the most widely popular and acknowledged cryptocurrency, but is one of the most appealing projects in its niche and has achieved quite a lot in the relatively short time it has spent in the crypto market.

The Genesis Vision is to create one service platform that will enable managers, brokers, traders, exchanges, and other financial instruments gain access to a diverse range of assets.

The project focuses mainly on actualizing a market within blockchain that supports professional asset management and the trust management market.

How Does the Genesis Vision Project Work?

The Genesis Vision blockchain is designed to unite all the elements of the trust fund market and to provide services that emulate available in the incumbent market, thus, essentially bridging the gap between the traditional financial market and the blockchain ecosystem.

As a network, Genesis Vision connects private trust fund managers who advertise and promote their services to investors willing to invest in the services offered by private trust management funds.

Genesis Vision is built over the Ethereum blockchain, so it supports the usage of smart contracts on the network.

Genesis Vision combines the highly secure smart contracts with the transparent nature of the distributed ledger to provide very efficient, and transparent transactions on the network.

The efficiency and highly transparent nature of the network have led to the steady growth of Genesis Vision.

Virtually all the processes on the Genesis Vision network; investing, brokerage, profit distribution, module exchange etc are all implemented using the Ethereum based smart contract.

Traders willing to join the network are required to apply as a Genesis Vision manager.

Upon acceptance, a smart contract issues the new manager with 1,000 GVT tokens which are available on purchase.

After which managers can either trade on the Genesis Vision network with the acquired tokens, or trade on their preferred platforms and upload the history to the Genesis Vision Network.

Genesis Vision being built over the Ethereum blockchain uses the Standard ERC20 tokens, known as the ‘Genesis Vision Tokens’ with the ticker for trading, this leads us to the last subject, how has the Genesis Vision performed in the market since its launch.

Market Run of Genesis Vision (GVT)

Genesis Vision was launched at the peak of the crypto market success, and as such, it enjoyed a very rapid growth in its early phases and quickly reached its all-time highest value of $51.39.

Genesis Vision fluctuated with the tide that hit the crypto market, and just like most other digital assets, has suffered from an acute devaluation of their tokens.

As at the time of this writing, GVT is trading at $8.01 as a result of a price drop of 6.82% over the last 24 hours, less than 20% of the all-time high it peaked back in January.

Genesis Vision is the 203rd largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $29,834,707.

Genesis Vision may not be the biggest crypto project on the block now, but it holds enough prospects to become one of the leading projects in the future.

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