Everipedia, Censor-Free Modern Age Wikipedia Is Live


Everipedia, an “online encyclopedia” whose aims is to be better than Wikipedia, is now live. The world’s first blockchain-based and decentralized encyclopedia will not experience censorship nor be under the control of a central power.

The platform launched its highly anticipated project on the EOS.IO network and will now be able to reward contributors using its IQ tokens. Holders of the IQ tokens have voting rights on the network.

Next generation encyclopedia

The developers of Everipedia claim that it is the ‘next generation encyclopedia’ which has been rebuilt and revamped for the twenty-first century.

The project’s website indicates that it already has over 6 million articles, more than what its older rival Wikipedia has managed in 17 years.

At the moment, blockchain-based Everipedia leads other such projects as the largest English encyclopedia in the world in terms of content.

Another attractive thing about this project is that it is ad-free and open to every kind of user, as opposed to Wikipedia or Encyclopaedia Britannica that has notability limitations.

Theodor Foselius, co-founder, and CEO of the organization says;

“Wikipedia is largely older white men. We’ve tried to focus on getting a lot of female edits, younger editors, and diverse background and ethnicities.”

By designing a rewards system, the Everipedia team has ensured that contributors are incentivized. It also allows for more inclusivity, while at the same time, keeping the platform free from advertisements or the need to have donations.

Revolutionizing online information

The launch of Everipedia’s minimum viable network means that users are exposed to a decentralized platform on which they can vote as well as freely create articles.

Dr. Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia and now Everipedia’s chief information officer said that leveraging blockchain technology has enabled the team to innovate.

They have come up with a network that has all the best parts of Wikipedia. However, they have designed it to completely revolutionize how online information is created.

And it is even easier now. All that a user needs is open an account on EOS. The next thing would be to have IQ tokens that allow the user freedom to create content as well as participate in voting on the iqnetwork.io network.

According to Sam Kazemian, founder, users have already staked more than 16.8 million IQ tokens.

And the CEO Theodor Forselius believes such numbers mean that the project will make decentralization of knowledge possible around the globe.

“If everyone on the team got abducted tomorrow, the site would keep running.”

The team

The Everipedia project began in December 2014, an idea of Sam Kazemian and Theodor Forselius. Mahbod Maghadam and Travis Moore joined in 2015, while the Chief Information Officer Larry Sanger joined in December 2017.

The project’s headquarters are in the Los Angeles area, California.

The IQ airdrop

Initially, the project developers wanted to use the Ethereum network. however, due to scalability issues affecting the Ethereum blockchain, the team chose to switch to EOS.

The founder Sam Kazemian announced that they would be airdropping IQ tokens to EOS holders in January 2018. He gave the announcement at an EOS meet-up in South Korea.

The team gave an official communication in March that the airdrop would take place in June 2018.

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