TRON (TRX) Network Hits Record 1,200 Transactions Per Second, 80x Fast Than Ethereum (ETH)


Founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun has taken to Twitter to announce that TRON’s new blockchain – the proprietary blockchain has recorded a new transaction rate on the network.

“Proprietary blockchain reaches new height”

On June 27, CEO Justin Sun announced to the TRON community that the proprietary blockchain clocked a new transaction rate of 1,200.

Reaching 1,200 TPS makes the proprietary blockchain 80 times faster than Ethereum’s blockchain – from where it was originally forked from.

Sun wrote on Twitter:

“TRON is 80 times faster than Ethereum. With 14 years of experience, @BitTorrent is providing a world-class service to 100 million users in 138 countries. Add the two together and you get the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network in the world! #TRONBT $TRX”

A higher TPS gives TRON a decisive advantage, especially in terms of scalability in the medium and long-term.

The transaction speed of blockchain projects is now a factor that is now widely taken into consideration when looking at the potential for mass adoption of a given blockchain.

Much was expected from the mainnet to go with the hype that accompanied its launch last month, and the early signs are looking good.

BitTorrent can be critical to TRON’s success

The tweet from TRON’s CEO gives a glimpse of the importance of the recent acquisition of BitTorrent.

Sun believes that the combination of BitTorrent’s infrastructure and TRON’s blockchain could help create the most advanced p2p network in the world.

As previously stated, the collaboration between the TRON and BitTorrent will contribute to building a “better and brighter” internet.

TRON and BitTorrent plan to: “share in a great revolution — to make the internet more democratic, free and decentralized, which we know is at the very heart of TRON’s values.”

TRON team plans to leverage the extensive infrastructure of the BitTorrent and its team of experienced professionals in decentralized protocol technology.

TRON (TRX) leaves Ethereum (ETH) behind

Just a month after leaving its roots, TRON leaves Ethereum behind in terms of speed.

Ethereum’s speed which is currently around 15 to 20 transactions per second, has a long way to catch up.

Although forked from Ethereum, speed has always been one of TRON’s strengths when it comes to justifying its value over Ethereum and would help it overtake other altcoins in future.

As at the time of this writing, TRX is ranked 11th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of around $2.607 billion and a trade value of $0.0397.

More to come

Reaching 1,200 TPS is a remarkable milestone for the new blockchain, however, the proprietary blockchain is expected to deliver higher speeds in the coming months.

When running internal tests on the new blockchain in June, the company said it had achieved 2,000 TPS. In April, Justin Sun promised that the new blockchain would deliver up to 10,000 TPS.

With the TVM already here and TRX resuming trading on 36 exchanges, the TRON community would be looking towards a brighter future.

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