TRON (TRX): Justin Sun Reveals How TRON Will Make Ethereum Developers Ditch EVM


No other cryptocurrency has managed to galvanize its community like TRON (TRX) has, with plenty of exciting news in store for 2018 that could be the defining year for TRX hodlers.

If taken against the background of who it’s intending to dethrone, it could be argued that the task ahead is daunting. But that can’t be further from what is actually going to happen beginning this May. And as it is, nothing is going to set the ball rolling for TRON other than the soon to be launched Mainnet.

It’s reckoned that TRON will give cryptocurrency the May surprise. That surprise, in case you missed it, relates to TRX racing into the top 10, then establishing itself as a mainstay as a top #6 cryptocurrency.  And one of the main losers on TRON’s grand match will be Ethereum. This was revealed by TRON founder Justin Sun in his letter to the magnificent TRON community.

TRON’s founder Justin Sun has made it clear that that is their immediate target. In his letter to the community, TRON CEO, who is heavily linked to Chinese business magnate Jack Ma, declared that the cryptocurrency is set to slalom into the top 6 positions and that it won’t relinquish it whatsoever.

TRON’s weapon lies in the strengths of its team

In his letter to the community, Justin elaborates on what gives his platform an edge over other coins they are trying to outpace. He stated that the team he was leading comprised of the most professional individuals. They also possess the highest levels of experience, having joined TRON from household giants like Alibaba.

Furthermore, the individuals form a dynamic and progressive team. He insisted that they have the right mindset to see to it that the platform grows.  More than mere stunts, his assertions have had the whole TRX community rallying behind the project.

Reward Ethereum developers for ditching EVM

TRON (TRX) will launch its Mainnet as scheduled on May 31, 2018. Once the migration is over, the TRON platform will offer lucrative rewards to Ethereum developers who want to shift and develop on the TRON platform. Sun affirmed this by saying:

“May is an exciting month for TRON. TronVM v.0.1 will be launched on May 25. This version of TronVM uses a VM Adapter that will enable complete compatibility with the Ethereum VM. All Ethereum developers will be able to use an adapter to migrate seamlessly from Ethereum dApp projects to TRON. Stay tuned for a reward program for Ethereum developers who migrate to our platform”

This direct remark may have one profound effect on the dApps arena. While some of the developers may want to shift to TRON, a majority of those who will choose it over the Ethereum EVM will be the young and upcoming developers. It could also be that the ease with which one can code using Java on TRON will pull many who find Solidity a bit tricky.

In other news developments and speculation for TRON;

The TRON mainnet launch continues to get support from all quarters all over the crypto sphere. The most recent one to promise support is Zebpay. It’s one of India’s largest crypto exchanges that have announced support for the mainnet launch. Other than that, the site has also added TRX to its crypto-to-crypto trading pairs.

Now users will access XRP/TRX on the site. The development makes it less daunting to trade low-level coins against coins like BTC and ETH.

Alongside support for the upcoming mainnet launch is the preparation to have 27 Super Representatives for the community. And today Justin Sun has announced that two more candidates have expressed interest in being elected as TRONSR on June 26, 2018. These are Infinity Stones and Skypeople.  These two join the over 50 teams representing about ten countries spread across four continents.

TRX has also been continuously linked with a possible listing on Coinbase. While most of it is borne of mere speculation, the agenda continues to gain momentum as the countdown to May 31, 2018 ticks on. The latest rumor places strength on one individual who played a role in the development of Coinbase and has ties to TRON.

If Feng Li has any interests in TRON (TRX) and still has influence at Coinbase, then TRX could be headed to the last major cryptocurrency exchange. And that would change its prospects, helping cement a place in the top 6.

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