National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Launches Proprietary Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) recently launched its own Ethereum-based blockchain explorer.


The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) recently launched its own Ethereum-based blockchain explorer. The application was designed by Bitaccess, via its latest product called the Catena Blockchain Suite.

Bitaccess is a Canadian blockchain company that provides software services for Fintech businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

The company announced that the Canadian government had experimented with the Ethereum blockchain since January. The success of those experiments led it to explore further into the field of decentralized technologies.

According to the announcement, the blockchain explorer will be hosted by the Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Hosting the data in the IPFS system means that it remains accessible at all times. It also becomes immutable, since it is available in multiple locations.

The IPFS allows users permanent and unalterable access to any information stored on the web-app, even in cases where the original web-app host goes offline.

The NRC wrote that:

“This technology offers unprecedented levels of transparency and trust allowing public records to be searched, verified and audited at a level the world hasn’t seen before.”

However, the NRC statement also pointed out that it was still early days. Accordingly, the NRC IRAP’s experiments would provide a lot of insight going forward.

The institution is exploring the potential for blockchain technology such as Catena in public programs that require transparency.

Bitaccess has said that the explorer application works the same way a search engine does. Therefore, users can utilize Catena to instantly search the Ethereum blockchain.

While searching the blockchain, users will be able to access any information on the network regarding grants and contributions.

Moe Adham, the co-founder of Bitaccess, explained the reason Catena was attracting the attention of many institutions.

“We built the Catena Blockchain Suite as a simple, low risk, application for institutions to get introduced to blockchain technology. So far the reception has been terrific.”

Moe Adham said that their goal was to help institutions bring transparency into their operations as well as make it easier for the public to verify and validate public information.

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