Apple Co-founder And Crypto Enthusiast Steve Wozniak Admires Ethereum (ETH)


Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, made official recently that he would be joining a cryptocurrency startup for the first time ever.

Woz, as he is fondly known, has been bullish about bitcoin before, but his recent sentiments about crypto, in general, were a complete turnaround from his earlier days.

Wozniak helped bring about the computer revolution that created the modern-day tech giant Apple.

Apart from revealing that he was soon going to be part of the crypto startup Equi Capital, the billionaire also made some wide-ranging remarks about cryptocurrency.

During an interview with NullTX, he spoke about the developments in the industry in general and gave his thoughts about its future.

Speaking at the end of the ChainXchange blockchain Conference, Wozniak glowed about the technology behind bitcoin. He also explained that he likes to keep up with developments in the technology space. It is this reason that got him fascinated with bitcoin in the first place.

As an engineer, he said that his interest peaked once he learned a few truths about bitcoin- that it was decentralized and was censorship-free.

He liked the fact that bitcoin was based on mathematics. It is an aspect that gives it truth and honesty, not under the control of anyone or can it be manipulated.

He believes the industry has a future even as more people begin to understand it. Giving his own example, the computer engineer said that at first he never understood what bitcoin or blockchain technology was all about.

It is something people won’t understand in a day. To grasp what it is, people need to think about it, read about it more and actually get to find out how it is used in real life. That’s how you understand cryptocurrency, he said in the interview.

Cryptocurrency is much like the internet in the early days

Wozniak is a prominent figure, very well respected in the world of computers and technology. So, it would be appropriate to say that his thoughts on crypto will embolden other prominent personalities.

The Apple co-founder spoke of his amazement at what crypto can do. According to him, his biggest impression so far is how first the industry was growing.

He went ahead and compared crypto to the internet in the early days when so few understood it.

Blockchain technology, like the internet, has permeated every aspect of human life. Businesses and organizations run some form of crypto-related technology or are looking into implementing one.

Wozniak: Ethereum (ETH) is like the App Store

Wozniak also gave his thoughts about Ethereum, comparing it to Apple’s App Store. He believes that the Ethereum platform will have as big an impact as Apple’s store.

He suggested that Ethereum’s influence in cryptocurrency will continue to grow, especially with regard to the use of smart contracts and dApps.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple back in the mid-1970s, going on to create an internet revolution with the company.

He is known for his philanthropy work around the world, but his comments about blockchain and bitcoin will possibly change a lot of other minds too.

The comparison he made about Ethereum and Apple will also help galvanize young entrepreneurs and engineers who may be worried about not making it big with crypto projects.

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