Eryllium (ERY): The Privacy-Centric Coin For The Future Of Money


The Blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution is here to stay. Since its advent, the cryptocurrency market has moved from a passion project to a fully established disruptor of the global financial market.

But let’s face it, more needs to be done to realize a fully mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies especially with the recent lack of privacy and congested networks as seen by top cryptocurrencies. One of the up and coming cryptocurrencies with a huge potential and signs of being a global player is Eryllium (ERY).

Just recently, this privacy-centric cryptocurrency saw a meteoric rise in price recording a 228 percent growth in just a couple of days. For most investors, the question to be asked is whether ERY is the next big thing? Well, let’s break it down.

What is Eryllium (ERY)

Eryllium is a peer to peer cryptocurrency that does not only enable instant transaction but also features near-zero transactional fees. It boasts of a two-tier network that improves upon Bitcoin, enabling a revolutionary anonymous transaction that mimics fiat currency.

Erylium’s vision is to create a robust ecosystem of a decentralized payment network that allows merchants and consumers to exchange value with a high level of speed, privacy, reliability, and security.

Although ERY will not be a requirement for transacting on the Eryllium Blockchain network, it is designed to be a unique foreign exchange compensator that is envisioned to be a utility for cross-border payments.

Simply put, the ERY cryptocurrency is native to the Eryllium consensus ledger but designed to be an independent digital asset with fast transactions and a proven governance system.

Why is its price going up?

Well, there are a couple of things to consider, firstly, ERY comes with a total supply of only 15,616,315 ERY coins making it a good investment due to its limited supply. In fact, when compared to Bitcoin, ERY capped supply is way more attractive to long-term coin holders.

Another factor that might explain why Eryllium ERY has been on the rise is Eryllium’s announcement of the ERY trading in the Indian market not to mention the availability of  PayPal and Credit card deposit options that happened recently.

Given the fact that the cryptocurrency community is sensitive to new developments, it is obvious this might have helped get more investors to join the Eryllium bandwagon.

Eryllium (ERY): The Privacy-Centric Coin For The Future Of MoneyBasically, ERY solves one of the biggest flaws of Bitcoin and even other cryptocurrencies. Apart from the reasons detailed above, it’s also possible that this privacy-centric coin is finally catching the eye of investors due to its features.

ERY’s attractive features

To put it simply, Eryllium offers real-world utility that is attractive to investors. Check out some of its features.

  • A truly private financial transactional platform
  • Speedy transactional periods within seconds
  • Near zero transactional fees
  • A vibrant and secure governance model


There is no denying that the future of Eryllium (ERY) is promising especially considering its revolutionary features. It delivers real-world use cases that are set to benefit, if not transform, the financial landscape.

The fact that its price is on the rise is a clear show of the consideration investors are giving it at the moment. However, albeit price fluctuations, this privacy-centric cryptocurrency is proving to be a stable coin with the potential to change the world of money as we know it.

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