EOS (EOS) Vs. Kin (KIN) Vs. Loopring (LRC): Which Coin Will Win In 2018?


Over the last 12 months, digital assets have been growing consistently. Digital assets here is not used to refer to just cryptocurrencies. Several companies have embarked on projects to create devices and real-world application to the blockchain technology.

Some cryptocurrencies are helping in the development of digital assets and projects that could potentially seal the space of cryptocurrencies in society for everyday use. Here today, we are going to look at some cryptocurrencies which are already on their way back after last weeks’ crash.


The market flop of last week saw EOS coin pull back by almost 40% coming down from $14.83 on Monday to $8.93 on Tuesday. Growing steadily after the flop, EOS cryptocurrency has managed to recover almost all it lost last week and is currently trading at around $14.

EOS (EOS) seeks to be used as the base layer for decentralized apps, making its platform simpler than Ethereum’s.

If the graphene technology which EOS has embarked on, is able to pull through and see completion, EOS will be expected to run from 10,000 to 100,000 transactions per second, almost solving the scalability issues of most cryptocurrencies.

Apart from market growth, EOS is an exciting currency to watch in 2018.

Kin (KIN)

KIN coin was having an incredible run before the market struck last week. KIN has its currency in the triple zero pricing range, this does not make it the biggest cryptocurrency. It makes it a good asset in the sector, as people would rather go for 1000 coins rather than a fraction of another.

KIN cryptocurrency is currently valued at $0.000511 as compared to $0.0013 it recorded before the market crisis of last week. KIN is currently running on the Ethereum platform, although the management is trying to move to the stellar network because of the traffic ethereum faces.

If the assumptions of analysts are anything to go by, KIN users will soon have two currencies.

Loopring (LRC)

Loopring is one of those cryptocurrencies that have been making silent headlines in the market. Loopring has been having an amazing year.

Even after dropping from $1.55 each to about $0.87 last week, Loopring coin is already trading at $1.17 today, with its recent successes LRC could be well worth over $5 before the year runs out.

Loopring uses decentralized exchange, as compared to the centralized exchange of most others (exchanges are controlled by a company).

Decentralized exchanges pair traders with each other directly, this eliminates the fear of fraud and potential system hacking. Unlike a centralized exchange where you have to rely on some kind of exchange to either buy or sell, the decentralized exchange does not inherit any of those problems.

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