The Way EOS (EOS) Is Killing Ethereum (ETH) in 2018


EOS (EOS) took everyone unaware of its rise in the market since the New Year was ushered in. It is cooling off its head on the 6th positioned cryptocurrency and valued at $14.37 for a capitalization of $14.36 billion.

There is a large spike in its volume over the week as the coin trades more than 2 billion across the platform’s main exchanges. It is aiming to exceed this amount with the way people are investing in it.

It seems to be fulfilling the prophecy that it will drown Ethereum (ETH) within months.

Thanks to Dan Larimer who has founded Bitshares, Steemit and this wonder coin we are talking about EOS. The typical Larimer is known to leave as soon as he turns an investment into gold, just like EOS now worth billions.

The Crazy Ride

When investors and markets began to bill EOS as a killer of Ethereum (ETH), many people did not take this as serious. However, with its sudden crazy ride up and up the sky of more than 1600%, who will not take this coin serious?

Since October 2017, blockchain development community has turned around to see what EOS will offer in this nascent market.

EOS (EOS) was built to overtake Ethereum and become the primary decentralize application platform across the world in a few years.  This claim can be considered outlandish; however, if you take a closer look at what the technology is all about, you will be forced to believe this claim.

What EOS has achieved within months is simply amazing. While most coins are dramatically climbing down, the reverse is the case for this coin. The neat bullish result it is getting on the cryptocurrency chart is something that most coins have not been able to achieve.

Talking about Ethereum (ETH) platform, it has been chocked as it out gives its transactions per second limit on a number of occasions.  EOS has taken advantage of this limitation in trying to construct what many become better than Ethereum.

It is aiming for its platform to work like ETH but on a larger scale. If EOS ends up doing this, the game will change and Ethereum will go down.

EOS (EOS) Plan

The platform of EOS has been built to allow for information processing in parallel without restricting across multiple cores. Ethereum restricts processing of information as a single thread.

While ETH is trying to handle its limitations, EOS has gone a way forward to ensure that its platform absorbs everything without suffering.

While EOS is busy trying to build a sophisticated platform, it is also doing exceptionally well on the chart. 2018 is indeed the year of EOS if it can maintain its climb.

The company in charge of EOS technology, Block.One just revealed that it has released a fund that will invest in every opportunity that is leveraging the platform.  The company is also seeding the fund with TomorrowBC.


EOS (EOS) technology is still in the early stage and with its EOS.IO Testnet ready to be launched, the future is amazing.

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