Exciting Times For EOS Community: MainNet Is Near


2018 has seen quite a number of digital assets migrate from their mother chain to their MainNet, with more expected to before the fall of 2018. EOS has also embarked on the journey to move from its current Ethereum based platform to a more refined and customized EOS MainNet.

EOS would be migrating to its MainNet on the June 2nd, 2018, two days after TRON would be shipped to the TRON MainNet. The MainNet launch for EOS has sparked excitement in the EOS community and beyond.

At the first BP Panel Discussion of Oracle Chain, Dr. Zhiyong Tan of expressed his excitement towards EOS upcoming MainNet launch. EOS has thrived under its current Ethereum platform, could the MainNet transform EOS into a global spectacle upon launch?

The Forerunner EOS Dawn 4.0 is Here

While we wait for EOS MainNet to launch, EOS.io has continued to make improvements to their current platform. The EOSIO Dawn 4.0 is an update to Dawn 3.0 released last month, the release of Dawn 4.0 was announced yesterday, May 4th, 2018.

The new release brings a lot of stability to the EOSIO software, which now sports a relatively cleaner outlook compared to previous releases. The developmental changes carried out on Dawn 4.0 was focused on moving EOS towards a proof of concept for inter-blockchain communication.

In the PR published by EOS.io, 10 major new updates, and additions ship with the Dawn 4.0, you can read the full contents Dawn 4.0 brings to the EOSIO software here. However, the EOSIO Dawn 4.0 is still undergoing final development on Github. Dawn 4.0 will be officially released with a more polished interface on May 11, 2018.

EOS Gets New May Exchange Listing

EOS is already packing enough momentum going into its MainNet launch which is just 28 days away. EOS got a new listing from exchange powerhouse, Cryptopia. Cryptopia announced its intention to expand its services by introducing more digital assets into its platform.

EOS (EOS tokens) is now open for trade on Cryptopia across three trading pairs, EOS/BTC, EOS/LTC, and EOS/DOGE. Cryptopia is a fast growing exchange platform, thus the need to integrate more cryptocurrencies to further satisfy users. For EOS, this means a greater trading volume which could help the value of the token.

Price and Performance of EOS

The EOS token has not been left out in the overall entire growth of the asset. EOS has enjoyed remarkable growth since the beginning of Q2. Opening trade value of EOS tokens for Q2 was $6, however, the tokens traded at an all-time high of $21.64 on April 30th, over 320% hike in 30 days.

Following its massive growth in the space of 30 days, EOS witnessed a slack which saw the value of EOS drop to a trading low of $16.3 on May 1. As of this writing, the EOS tokens are trading at $18.12 apiece with a price increase of 5.56%. EOS remains the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap with $15.160 billion USD.

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