EOS Reveals Non-Profit Governance Initiative ‘EOS Alliance’

EOS Foundation has announced the launch of a non-profit governance group, ‘EOS Alliance’ with popular R&B Singer Akon on the board.


EOS Foundation has announced the launch of a non-profit governance group, ‘EOS Alliance’ with popular R&B Singer Akon on the board.

The EOS Alliance was commissioned by the Foundation as a non-profit initiative that aims to bring more transparency to the EOS network.

The EOS Alliance

The EOS Alliance is an independent governance committee formed with the aim of bringing transparency to the EOS network.

The EOS Alliance will be funded by private donations which will be in EOS tokens. The donations will be capped at $1 million per year.

According to the announcement, the EOS Alliance will “Empower EOS For All”, and the alliance will have no executive power over the blockchain network that raised $4 billion.

Instead, the official website of the EOS Alliance suggests that the non-profit group will provide a focal point for the EOS community to express its will.

The first action of the alliance will be to form five working groups. These groups will work on the subjects of dispute resolution, communications, GitHub code management, exchanges, and drafting/adopting its own constitution.

Reason for the EOS Alliance

EOS has already been criticized for not very decentralized or transparent, Block.one which holds 10 percent of all EOS tokens, votes for producers too, portraying a system which isn’t the most decentralized.

Just a few days after the activation of the much awaited EOS MainNet, Block Producers experienced a freeze in production, raising tension and causing the value of the token to nosedive.

Not long after, the 21 Block Producers voted to freeze seven accounts on suspicion of them being compromised, but they didn’t go through the arbitration process which was supposed to be central to the EOS system.

With many spamming the EOS network for being too centralized and not living up to the expectations generated from its yearlong ICO, hence, the launch of the EOS Alliance to bridge the gap is understandable.

According to the medium post released by EOS, the purpose of the EOS Alliance’s is to narrow the communication process with the community which is made up of “token holders, block producers, application creators and other stakeholders.”

Overview of the EOS Alliance

The decision to launch a non-profit governance body for the EOS network was backed by dozens of block producers who also assisted in the decision-making process for the EOS Alliance.

The recently commissioned Alliance includes 7 board members. The EOS Alliance includes:

  • A seat reserved for the special appointment, held in the interim by Lightning Clearwater III, also serving as the Alliance’s General Counsel,
  • Brock Pierce: Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and EOS influencer,
  • AKON: award-winning R&B artist and blockchain enthusiast,
  • Galia Benartzi: Co-founder of Bancor and LiquidEOS and EOS,
  • Peter Li: Community leader, EOS Block Producer and founder of EOS Gravity,
  • Hai Feng: an EOS Block Producer, and
  • Nix Nolledo: founder of Philippine Blockchain Startup, ODX.

The Medium announcement suggests a 12-month expansion plan which will see the Alliance get a fully elected board which will include members from diverse backgrounds and geographic regions.

A more detailed account of the roles and responsibilities and expected goals for the EOS Alliance is available on the Medium announcement.

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