EOS MainNet (EOS) Freezes 2 Days Post Launch


What Happened?

Last week EOS joined the growing number of crypto projects migrating to their MainNet chains, but it wasn’t the best experience.

Barely two days after EOS hit its MainNet (EOSIO), reports broke out that the EOS blockchain hit a roadblock, which prevented transactions from being performed on the blockchain.

Following the launch of the EOS MainNet, 21 block producers (BP) were voted along with a GO. The reports of the frozen MainNet began making rounds when the newly elected BP’s shared evidence of frozen chains and error messages, while new blocks were being produced.

One of the newly elected BP’s (EOSUK) also reported that the application programming interface (API) on the EOS network monitor was not responding.

Block producers had to turn off their nodes and backup their blockchain data because of the unresponsive MainNet network.

The cause of the frozen MainNet was identified to be a ‘bug’ in the MainNet software which caused the network to freeze.

The BP’s reacted swiftly to the freeze, calling a conference just one hour after the incident.

The exact state of the network remains unavailable, however, Block one has identified the cause and substantial work is ongoing to ensure that the MainNet is reopened for public access in the near future.

Updates on the EOSIO Freeze

After a turbulent week for EOS in the market, the MainNet freeze compounded the problem of the digital asset.

Block one has identified the cause of the network freeze to be a problem with how deferred transactions were being handled.

The MainNet is now unfrozen but still remains unavailable to the public until announced by EOS.

EOS has reported that Block is currently debugging the network, and working on a software patch (version 1.0.5) which will introduce a nodes fix, which will help block producers upgrade their nodes and replay blocks until the last irreversible block – 1027597.

When this process is completed the EOS MainNet chain will be reopened for public access.
Projects on EOS have been found wanting a couple of times, but this tops the growing list of technical issues that have plagued the EOS blockchain in recent times.

The frozen MainNet has left a great part of the EOS community with mixed feeling, but how has it affected the market value of EOS.

Price and Performance of EOS

The MainNet launch did not cause a spike in prices like many would have expected, and when the news of its frozen MainNet went viral, the EOS Tokens took a sharp drop as.

However, things are beginning to shape up for the digital asset as EOS tokens join other major digital assets in the green today.

As at the time of this writing, the EOS tokens are trading at $10.53 apiece with a price rise of 0.5%.

EOS remains the 5th largest cryptocurrency with an estimated market cap of $9.433 billion USD. EOS tokens are expected to record more growth over the next couple of hours, and possibly days.

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