EOS (EOS) Releases Stack Exchange Proposal


The crypto space has more cryptocurrencies popping up every day. EOS (EOS) happens to be among the most recently invented digital currencies.

Daniel Larimer, the programmer behind EOS, launched the digital coin mid last year 2017. With digital currencies, each coin comes up with its own philosophy and attempts to solve given problems.

So, EOS advertises itself as a scalable cryptocurrency with the best infrastructure for decentralized applications. Currently, it’s ranked 10 among thousands of digital coins.

From their Whitepaper, the cryptocurrency’s blockchain platform is programmed such that other apps can be created on it. In a nutshell, the cryptocurrency launched a question and answer section on Stack Exchange to help developers find answers to the most screening questions.

However, the Stack Exchange proposal happens to be the most recent news. In addition, EOS also made remarkable progress last year by releasing a development update of EOS.IO DAWN 2.0.

How EOS works

In reality, there are a lot of technicalities involved. First, the EOS.IO software runs three major native contracts.

While @eos manages token transfers, @stake manages voting and election processes. Also, the software has a native contract called @stake, which manages messages, permissions, and updates of contact code. This is just parts that have already been developed.

In 2018, EOS planned to test, and secure its software.  So, the following is a list of developments planned by the digital currency this year.

  • Developing model applications on their blockchain platform.
  • To stabilize their software version against bug crashes.
  • Add more programming languages including C++
  • Optimization of their coding.

The Stack Exchange Proposal

Through their Twitter account @EOS.io, the cryptocurrency revealed that it had submitted a proposal to Stack Exchange. The proposal aims to help developers grow. Block.one, a team that designs free open source software, announced the proposal. However, they still need your upvote, to make the proposal a reality.

When viewing the actual proposal on Stack Exchange, EOS proposed a question and answer site for its developers and users. As at now, we even have more than twenty proposed example questions users could ask.

This question and answer site has fringe benefits for developers who will use the EOS platform. For instance, there will be discussions. Besides, developers will have a chance to share new insights. Also, the site will help the EOS.io community grow. EOSIO added.

But the least requirement they need is 60 followers, 10 upvotes, and 40 questions. If you are interested in supporting EOSIO, you can join Stack Exchange, and upvote their proposal and existing questions.

Potential future based on Dawn 2.0

Since it’s a young and developing cryptocurrency, they haven’t yet made much progress. So, the only iconic feature EOS has ever had is the EOS.IO DAWN 2.0. In their new release, Block.one mentioned several updated features.

For instance, new people can test the EOS network without having registered. It’s through the Token Faucet, which allows testing of the network by people who do not yet have EOS tokens.

The new development update shows EOS (EOS) has a brighter potential future, although on paper.

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