EOS (EOS) Is Screaming “Buy Me!” Again


With days to go till the launch if the EOSIO platform, the token could be literally begging investors to take note and buy.

The market continues with its sideways swings as sentiment gradually picks momentum. Many coins have declined big time over the course of the last few weeks, failing to rally over the weekend.

As a result, prices are still low and may be so for a few more days before any serious moves take shape. As such, with a momentous event on the wings, the EOS token appears beautifully poised for a forward-looking investor. Is it the best time to buy the EOS (EOS)? Certainly appears to be.

Buy low

The principle of buying low and sell high may end up applying strongly to this project than many others. The expectation is that the value of the coin will definitely increase over time. So buying now seems a good idea for anyone with a long-term ambition.

Even then, a short-term investor will still have a lot to look forward to with all the hype and heat EOS generates. This is especially true when considered that a majority of the volume is from crypto-rich Asian markets. The prices are lower than they were two weeks ago, so buying now makes sense.

The EOSIO Mainnet is coming

The more reason to buy into a project billed as the next Ethereum, only bigger and better. Block.one, the software company behind the blockchain’s development recently announced EOS Dawn 4.0, a step towards realizing the mainnet.

Once done, EOS would be a standalone platform, no longer an ERC-20 token. The mainnet will herald a “new” feature-rich platform upon which “entrepreneurs interested in building their own blockchain can fork (the) repository and customize it for their use.

These customizations include configuring supply, initial token distribution, token symbols, and more.”

The great reception the EOS project has so far received can only be expected to get even bigger with the launch of the mainnet on June 1, 2018. The huge number of projects and blockchains that can be built on the platform can only mean that the value of the native coin will grow long-term.

Partnerships and projects already on board

EOS is already getting a lot of attention even before it launches its mainnet. Recently, One of the largest email providers Zimbra X launched its services on the EOS platform. It’s the first such enterprise application to recognize the value of using the EOS blockchain.

What’s more attractive is the immediate impact such partnerships and projects bring to the crypto. Zimbra X has an estimated global user base of about 500 million.

Among them are two global brands- Amnesty International and the Jarkata International Terminal. The two carry out various activities using Zimbra X.  Imagine what getting 500 million users means for EOS. And all the expected future projects will be complemented by the team behind the blockchain.

The EOS team says on their website that “Block.one has committed to investing over $1B into funds focused on the growth of the EOS ecosystem”


The EOS platform is likely to have a number of airdrops, with one scheduled for 15th June after the mainnet. The great thing about this one is that its likely to be a very successful platform.

Everipedia is a US-based content company that aims to leverage blockchain technology as an incentive for users. The reward in form IQ tokens will encourage content creation.

Everipedia founder Sam Kazemian announced that there would be an airdrop of their IQ tokens to all EOS holders after the mainnet launch. This announcement was made in January 2018 in South Korea, followed by another in March that said:

“We are officially announcing the airdrop snapshot method as the EOS genesis snapshot tool for initial token balances. In the off chance that there is not an EOS mainnet or accepted genesis balance snapshot by June 15th 23:59:59 UTC, we will take the snapshot of registered token balances ourselves.”

EOS price today

The EOS coin is currently trading in the green, +2.42% higher over its price in the last 24 hours. Valued at $13.93 to the US dollar, the token is quite below its value of nearly $23 at the end of April. Since this is expected to change, it could be time you bought some EOS (EOS).

Of course, always do some due diligence before you commit your funds.

This is NOT investment advice, please do your own research or consult a professional before investing.

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