Enormous Growth Potential For Po.et (POE) And Binance Coin (BNB): Find Out


Every cryptocurrency project wants to scale to a point its technology is widely accepted and used. While there are coins that will noisily let you notice their presence, these two are setting up grounds for further growth. And everything is done without much fracas.

Po.et (POE)

There are several tokens in the market now and though many promise a lot, there isn’t anything to show they can deliver. POE stands out for me due to its use of blockchain technology in the niche of content creation and publishing.

The value of POE will probably not skyrocket in quick jumps, but it will over time become a profitable coin. At the moment, the token trades at $0.045, a low enough entry point for beginner investors. The crypto has gained 73.57% over the last 7 days. In the last 24 hours, POE/USD traded at +30%, a big jump indeed.

Po.et focused to deliver

The team has been able to deliver a working platform, gathered a really talented team, and updated their roadmap to accommodate more pressing user needs.

Their aptly-named roadmap provides three levels of creative titles like Rosetta Era, The Gutenberg Era, and The Alexandria Era. Each represents a specific milestone that inches it closer to a complete revolution of the content creation and sharing arena.

The team removed dates on their roadmap to give themselves ample time to respond to real-world issues. Eric Elliot, Po.et Vice President for Engineering, says that:

Rosetta Era ushers in growth

The Rosetta Era achieved a lot for the Po.et team. The platform was able to launch the Alpha stage of their testnet in June 2017, and in July, Coinspeaker and the Merkle became the first to partner and publish on the network.

The team then undertook a successful token sale in August of the same year. They began Q1 2018 by releasing the Frost App- which is an API that allows developers to use the Po.et network to build apps.

The end of Q1 saw them successfully release WordPress Plugin, which allows content creators to timestamp their work on the Po.et blockchain.

That has ushered in the Gutenberg Era that focuses on the exchange of value. The team hopes to develop a marketplace, integrate payment channels and have an e-book registry. All these milestones will open up the platform for further adoption by the community.

By opening up creative work to an immutable network, Po.et is tapping into a lucrative field and its technology will find wider use in all sectors of the society.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB is today trading at $13.13, a slight price increase against the US dollar. Over the last 7 days, the token has appreciated by more than 5% against the USD. In terms of daily trading volume, a total of $140,481,000 had been traded early Saturday.  The figure represents about a 50% increase over the last two days.

Binance Coin by Binance is one of the coins that have experienced relative calmness on the market. Its price hasn’t seen major swings and the trend could continue as more of the tokens get burned throughout the year.

The BNB coin burn

Much of the attention on Binance at the moment hinges on the upcoming coin burn. It is expected the quarterly burn will be done this weekend, and quite predictably, the price of Binance Coin (BNB) is set to spike.

The coin burn will likely be done anywhere between April 15, 2018, and April 18th. Binance will burn a portion of the coins they receive in fees, expected to be over 3 million in BNB.

With the regular coin burn, Binance Coin is set to continue gaining value as its use on Binance exchange continues to grow.

The Binance team came up with an ingenious way of making BNB visible and attractive. They decided to allow users on the exchange the opportunity to reduce their transaction fees by using BNB to pay for the exchange services.

It, therefore, means that the 1% fee is slashed to 0.5%. Being one of the top sites, Binance attracts high volumes of crypto traders. And this means a high transaction profit margin on the BNB.

The platform has endeavored to use some of the profits to buy part of the circulating coins. Essentially, they don’t actually buy, they send the token they receive top a kind of “dead” wallet that. This is expected to reduce the volume of coins in supply, possibly triggering a price jump. Watch out for BNB, it’s going to be big.

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