Dash (DASH) Ecosystem Now Preloaded On Kripto Mobile Devices With Partnership

Dash and Kripto Mobile announce a major partnership during a Dash conference in Venezuela. The partnership will see all Kripto devices preloaded with the entire Dash ecosystem in Latin America.


Dash and Kripto Mobile announce a major partnership during a Dash conference in Venezuela. The partnership will see all Kripto devices preloaded with the entire Dash ecosystem in Latin America.

It’s been a great two days for cryptocurrency investors as the market enjoyed a turnaround in performance after what appeared to be an eternity with the bears.

Global trading volumes have picked up once more, with top coins Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) posting some gains that have boosted the market.

Even though the rest of the market has traded in the green for the last two days, none of the altcoins in the top 20 have made rapid gains in the same period as did payment-focused cryptocurrency Dash (DASH).

What is Kripto Mobile (KRIP)

Dash (DASH) saw its price pump upwards of 40 percent as it glowed in the aftermath of a partnership with Kripto Mobile.

Kripto is a South American phone company with a focus on cryptocurrency.

Dash partners Kripto Mobile

During a Dash Conference held in Venezuela, Kripto Mobile announced the signing of a partnership with Dash, whose principle result would be the release of new crypto-enabled mobile phones.

The new devices would allow Latin Americans the opportunity to acquire and use Dash for their everyday transactions.

According to the details of the deal, the new Dash-enabled devices will be pre-loaded with a Dash wallet, and users will be able to receive and spend the cryptocurrency anywhere in the region.

Dash has a strong presence in the Latin America region, especially in Venezuela where there are over 800 merchants offer services for or accept DASH as payment.

Even locally-run businesses for global brands like fast-food giant Subway accept the crypto as payment.

Bradley Zastrow, the Head of Global Business Development at Dash, emphasized the importance of the partnership. He explained that:

“[Through] our partnership with KRIP, we will assist in accelerating this growth by giving everyone all the elements to acquire, store and spend their Dash right out of the box, including the ability to access the internet, a critical first step before any cryptocurrency adoption.”

According to Kripto co-founder Luis Sosa, the Latin America region is seeing a lot of growth as a result of high inflation, lack of monetary stability and poor banking infrastructure.

There is a growing number of consumers and businesses in the region who prefer emerging technologies, like Dash, to the traditional banking system.

He added KRIP would ensure it provides accessible and affordable mobile phones that will combine superbly with Dash’s InstandSend feature and low fees to benefit as many people as possible.

With this partnership, Dash is set to continue its push for greater adoption in the region. It will help it to cement its place as a leading payment currency, especially for Venezuelans who continue to grapple with hyperinflation.

Meanwhile, DASH investors will hope the latest surge in prices is not a one-off thing, despite the general nature of the market.

Dash price Up 40 percent since the partnership

An announcement of any major partnership in crypto sphere has, more often than not, resulted in significant price gains for the coin in question.

Although the terrible bear market seen in 2018 has somewhat affected such gains, coins still jump in value whenever a team announces a major partnership.

And that’s what happened with Dash, which saw its price jump over 40 percent in two days after news of the partnership hit the market.

Dash prices traded at a low of $141 on August 27, before a slight rally in performance saw it close at $183 on the same day according to XBT.net. Dash is up another 6% today at $196 and will likely test the $200 mark.

Over the next twenty-four hours, the coin’s price rose to hit a high of over $200 against the US dollar- an increase of about 41.8 percent. That price pump saw the crypto’s value surge past its nineteen-day high price of $191 reached on August 11.

At the same time, its average daily trading volume rose from about $166 million to over $305 million traded on August 28.

DASH has since experienced a slight pullback and currently trades at $196 against the US dollar. Its price has increased by over 10 percent this Wednesday and remains over 34 percent higher in the last one week.

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