3 Daring Reasons Why Dash Coin May Join CoinBase 2018 List


Having a close similarity to Bitcoin’s mode of operation, Dash coin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Surprisingly, since its launch in January 2014, it couldn’t resist rebranding.

For instance, the cryptocurrency started as XCoin, then renamed Darkcoin after 3 weeks. Consequently, the coin was named to the present-day Dash (DASH).

Dash is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which uses features like Masternodes. PrivateSend, and InstantSend to facilitate transactions. In reality, these three features make the perfect definition of Dash coin.

For instance, Masternodes are dual networks that respectively perform mining activities and governing functions. While PrivateSend focuses on Security, InstantSend makes you do instant transactions.

In the previous years, Dash appeared in the mainstream media on several occasions, ranging from sudden price surges to research scholarships.

However, there have been debates whether Dash coin will be among cryptocurrencies listed on CoinBase this year. Recent trends, developments, and updates play a significant role in listing Dash on CoinBase. Here are the 3 reasons why Dash may get listed on CoinBase this year.

Top Tech Company Improves Cryptocurrency Mining

Definitely, it’s good news for miners. If you have recently checked the Dash official website’s blog, then you should have realized HashChain; a well-known tech company took part in Dash. To explain further, HashChain Technology merged with NODE40, a similar tech company with the main aim of diversifying blockchain mining.

Initially, NODE40 provided Masternode hosting services for Dash. Through this acquisition, NODE40 will work with HashChain, to decrease technical blockchain mining work. This acquisition was vital in the development of worldwide blockchain technology. Patrick Gray, the founder of HashChain added.

Speed, Privacy, and Security

Fortunately, no cryptocurrency will start marketing itself as being slow, and insecure. When it comes to such sensitive properties, you should look at the reality.

From their social media platforms, the cryptocurrency has not received much complains about speed, privacy, and security. These features may make Dash a favorite when picking new currencies.

Dash Has A Promising Recent History

Dash cryptocurrency made a strong comeback from declines seen earlier this month. There have been major price fluctuations, which is a typical trend in cryptocurrency charts. Also, the coin rebranding, especially from Darkcoin to DASH, played a big part in vanishing Darkcoin coin failures.

To be listed on CoinBase, a team of experts looks at the driving values, like mission, vision, technology, credibility, market cap, and many other economic factors. One of the sure ways that can make Dash have a brighter future is the fall of its competitors.

Through a campaign known as Dash evolution, Dash (DASH) aims to make things simple, for people of all age groups. The cryptocurrency seeks even to make the elderly transact efficiently. It is available for purchase in favorite exchanges like Bitfinex, and Bittrex.

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