Crypto Company ‘Circle’ Hires Former U.S Homeland Security Official As Head of Legal

The owner of the popular exchange Poloniex has just hired the former General Counsel of the Department of Homeland Security to oversee all regulatory affairs.


Cryptocurrency financial company and owner of popular exchange Poloniex, Circle Internet Financial has hired Gus Coldebella as their new Chief Legal Officer, a former US Homeland Security official.

Coldebella joined Circle Internet Financial after completing a four-year stint at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), rising to the become the organization’s General Counsel.

Circle, in their announcement, made it known that Coldebella will be in charge of the company’s legal, regulatory and government affairs.

The experience and expertise of Coldebella are expected to help the firm navigate the regulatory turbulence of the cryptocurrency world.

In their blog post, Circle stated that his strong network in government circles will be key in working towards its vision for a new global economic order.

While working as the General Counsel at the DHS, he was in charge of over 1,700 lawyers as they worked on several complex and high-risk legal situations.

The blog post added that Gus is widely respected by his former colleagues as a hands-on, practical and entrepreneurial leader. He brings a rare combination of keen intelligence, intense integrity, unflappable composure, and a genuine and enjoyable disposition.

Circle recruiting top performers

The cryptocurrency company has been in the habit of hiring some of the best hands available in the country. Coldebella would be working with some brilliant minds already working at Circle.

The firm previously hired Robert Bench, a former compliance leader at Santander, PwC and the US Treasury. Carla Carriveau, an 18-year veteran at the SEC and FINRA is another recruit of the company.

Charles Heenan, former securities and commodities lawyer at Swiss Re and Citigroup was also brought on board by the company.

Some recent high profile recruits also include Blair Halliday, who served as a compliance officer at ICE and PaySafe, and Lisa LoGerfo who is the company’s Senior Legal Counsel.

Circle which is backed by Goldman Sachs hired a former Goldman Sachs exec, Benedicte Nolens. She has been tasked with overseeing the company’s global regulatory affairs and head of compliance for Europe and Asia operations.

Circle looking to bolster its products and services

Despite the bear market affecting the prices of cryptocurrencies since the start of the year, Circle has been making moves to help expand its market. The firm recently completed a funding round where it raised $110 million, led by mining giant, Bitmain.

Circle is now valued above $3 billion and has been focused on launching a “U.S. dollar coin,” which is a regulated blockchain asset that would be backed by fiat currency.

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