Coinbase Expands Its Crypto-to-Crypto Trading Services To Another 11 Countries


Major crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that it is offering its crypto trading services in several new locations around the world.

The U.S.-based firm revealed this via a blog post published on Wednesday, April 17. Per the post, Coinbase’s crypto-to-crypto offering is now set to be available in another 11countries.

The expansion effort, one of many in recent months, will see the firm’s customers in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania benefit from the exchange’s crypto-to-crypto services.

The new countries are Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

The services are accessible on the company’s and via Coinbase Pro, a trading platform tailored for professional traders.

The launch of the services in these countries means that Coinbase customers are now able to enjoy storage and trading facilities. They will also be able to send and receive digital assets.

The development brings the total number of countries in which Coinbase operations are available to 53. That number has increased from an initial 32, all available in two continents.

The addition of the 11 jurisdictions means that Coinbase services are now available across four continents.

The exchange also announced that its global volume generated through crypto-to-to-crypto trading had surpassed that of the customary fiat-to-crypto trading. The stated figures correspond to a comparison of trading volume on Coinbase between August last year and February this year.

According to the firm’s ostensibly “verified” data, the crypto-to-crypto volume contributed to 51 percent of the exchange’s volume in February. In contrast, the volume of direct crypto trades accounted for 41 percent of total figures recorded in August of last year.

Coinbase recently added support for new cryptocurrencies- EOS, Augur’s REP token, and MakerDAO’s MKR. The platform also expanded its services to integrate cross-border payments, with users able to convert crypto into local fiat currencies.

In April, the exchange launched a crypto-to-fiat debit card called Coinbase Card. The card targets the exchange’s customers in the U.K.

Coinbase added crypto-to-crypto trading support for retail customers last December, enabling them to access the service through as well as the Android and iOS apps. Earlier, the support was available only to professional customers.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets and are very risky investments. Do your research and consult an investment professional before investing. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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