Cobinhood (COB): How To Take Advantage Of Its High Rise


There are many authentic investment platforms available that have been tested and tried for a day trader or average investor to use in trading cryptocurrency.  To many people, this niche is like a risky investment that can explode when you are trying to relax.

While the fear of the future of cryptocurrency dangles, there are tokens that have paved a way for themselves. Cobinhood (COB) is one of these coins that was designed with traders, retail investors and institutions in mind. It is a platform that operates on a zero fee high-frequency exchange.

The Way Cobinhood Works

The coin is trying to maximize its customers return in investment. It is programmed in Goland and built on the Google Cloud platform for the high cryptocurrency.  The orders placed are secured in Redis cluster, a database technology that comprises of horizontal auto-scaling. The orders are distributed or circulated in-memory replication.

The order book and transaction updates are received by the Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) and ensure that it is in a real-time update whenever it is clicked. The transaction records are safely kept in Cloud Spanner, which is a relational Google Cloud Platform database known for its horizontal auto-scaling and strong consistency.

The Secret Unveiled

Cobinhood is the first free high frequency digitalized currency exchange in the world. It has removed the fees or payments that are applied to spot trading and also margin trading.  For startups who need guidance, its initial coin offering (ICO) underwriting services can help them find their feet.  Its ICO is holding Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and its token (COB). When in full swing, it was able to provide support for other 17 different tokens.

The coin has an easy system an investor can navigate. The Level 3 account is the most preferred because it allows you to do a lot of things with little limitation. You can collect actual currency from this level, unlike the other levels. The platform processes over a million transactions per second which is massive.

COB is extremely fast but requires a rigorous protocol before any online transaction is achieved.  Each customer is provided with eight hardware security modules (HSMs) in a multi-signature wallet. To submit an offline transaction, it requires that five out of the eight of the HSMs are verified. Also, insurance covers all the assets.

Why COB is Rising High

The Cobinhood (COB) has a great market value and a tendency to rise on the market. The reason for this is because of the excessive growth of its ICO. This may lead to holders of the token to receive more forms of the cryptocurrencies.  COB is doing better than most platforms because it is not charging its customers trading fee.

The free trade fee is what investors or customers will want to take advantage of when trading on the platform.  There is a high tendency of COB increasing daily. In a nutshell, investors to invest in Cobinhood (COB)  has a lot to benefit from the platform.

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