Civic (CVC) Releases Progress Report And Updated Roadmap

Civic (CVC) recently published an annual progress report and released an updated roadmap.


Civic (CVC) recently published an annual progress report and released an updated roadmap.

The team also announced that one-third of the funds escrowed for the Civic team has been released. According to the original post, the release increases the circulating supply by increased by 110M tokens.

Annual Highlights

  • Completed ICO successfully with 10k+ investors
  • Development of the CVC digital identity platform
  • Successfully integrated product with various organizations and partners

Milestones accomplished in 2017

Civic completed three milestones in 2017:

  • Establishment of the network
  • Development of the marketplace (alpha phase); and
  • Development of Beta v.1.

Civic has recently updated the road by adding some interesting milestones which included converting the CVC marketplace to the freshly rebranded

Civic (CVC) Releases Progress Report And Updated RoadmapEstablishment of Civic Network Partner (Q3 2017)

Beginning of integration with the first group of partners and users.

The first smart contract was built which was tested on RootStock testnet and registration on wikiHow was completed. Wikihow can be described as one of the most popular how-to websites.

Marketplace Alpha Phase (Q4 2017)

In this phase, the team was searching for providers which are directly in contact with Civic to provide different KYC services with document verification.

The Civic API was made accessible for the developer to do improvements. The developers in the team can add, change or update anything which is necessary for the network. It also launched BitGo’s Royal Mint Gold Wallets.

Updated Roadmap

Beta v.1 (Q1 2018)

The service was made available for partners and initial users to do the transaction with CVC for verification service. It was a type of test for their ecosystem.

Selection of identity providers within their own ecosystem took place in this milestone. They also improved the usability and functionality of app with changes in generalized KYC services.

Beta v.2 (Q2 2018)

During the phase, the team increased security capabilities and liveness test was introduced with the mobile Civic app so that the system becomes more safe and secure.

Release of (Q3 2018)

Due to some circumstances the company postponed some operations of this phase to Q4. The Civic network got converted to and the smart contracts were available.

Payment method was added to make the transaction using fiat currency to be exchanged for CVC in the real-time transaction. Mobile view presenter SDK was made available for identity validators.

Open Source was Launched (Q4 2018)

The part of this milestone was to finalize the system so that all users can register orders in CVC / USD on but it got postponed to 2019.

Developing and finalizing of was done including security, validation and working to make it open to all participants around the globe.

Software Development Kit (SDK) which was introduced in Q3 2018 is now widely available for select identity validators and requestors.

Growth of (Q1 2019)

Once the network gains a large number of audience attention the team will improve scaling the whole ecosystem and expansion validators and requestors. fully operational (Q2 2019)

In this phase, the network is fully decentralized in which all the participants can securely do the transaction in CVC or fiat on an open platform and users can even access identity verification service.

About Civic (CVC)

Civic enables users to have more control over their personal information and it is an identity management system which allows users to access multiple times just by registering once.

If a system runs on Civic ID then the user needs to verify once and get access anytime they wish. The function eliminates or reduces the cost of KYC system.

The network allows participants, organization or other entities to access the digital world easily.

Civic Token Sale (ICO)

CVC marketplace became in the present Q3 phase of 2018.

Their token sale ended on 28th June 2017 with a mark of successful ICO which received a lot of support from all around the world.

After the completion of crowdsale in 2017, the team improved their vision of building a decentralized identity ecosystem.

Civic announced Token Sale

25th May 2017

Crowdsale start

21st June 2017

Crowdsale end

28th June 2017

Development of ecosystem

July 2017

Civic (CVC) Partnerships

Partnership with Votem

Civic announced its partnership with Votem on 7th March 2018. Votem is an online voting platform used by any organization, governments, and citizens around the world. Civic helped Votem in presale by registering and authenticating the username and passwords of the participants.

Partnership with Enkidu

After the partnership, CVC collided with Enkidu which is also a blockchain. The main objective of both is to increase demand and bring users together.

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