Church’s Chicken Now Accepts Dash Payments While KFC Moves To Deny Rumors


Church’s Chicken, a fast-food franchise that specializes in fried chicken, has become the first international restaurant chain to accept Dash as payment in all of its locations in Venezuela.

The announcement comes at a time KFC Venezuela denied reports that it had begun accepting the cryptocurrency.

Church’s Chicken Venezuela accepts Dash

As per the official press release and tweet, Dash Venezuela and Church’s Chicken have signed a strategic alliance that will see DASH accepted at all the 13 locations of the franchise.

Dash tweeted:

“We are thrilled to welcome Church’s to the world of Dash and cryptocurrency as a whole!”

The partnership comes after days of “extensive and rigorous” training that Dash Venezuela undertook at the 13 branches to help the workforce understand how cryptocurrencies and crypto payments work.

The statement also notes that several pilot tests were undertaken while negotiations remained under wraps until both parties were ready to make a public announcement.

It is a significant move for Dash as it moves to consolidate support in the country; with Church’s Chicken reputation as an international company adding to the list of big names like Subway and Papa John’s.

The Atlanta based franchise is currently the fourth largest chicken fast-food restaurant chain in the world, with establishments in 1,700 locations spread across 25 countries.

Church’s Chicken representatives have indicated that they will engage their users via “a series of promotions to encourage the use of Dash,” which will see it added to a list of over 2,200 merchants in Venezuela currently accepting the privacy-eccentric crypto as payment.

According to Orlando Nayas, the director general of Church’s Chicken Venezuela, this alliance “goes to show that [they] trust Dash,” adding that it had the potential to “become a growth agent in this new financial world.

The CEO of Dash Core group Ryan Taylor lauded the partnership, stating that it was “exciting” to see Dash move from simply attracting ‘mom-and-pop’ shops to global enterprises like Church’s Chicken.

Dash has posted a video of what it calls the “first of many” showing a customer paying with DASH at a Church’s Chicken restaurant, and praised the efforts of Dash Venezuela and Dash Caracas- among many groups promoting the adoption of the cryptocurrency in the country.

KFC Venezuela denies report it accepts Dash

KFC Venezuela chief executive Antonio Sampayo has moved to deny reports that the fast food franchise was accepting Dash as payment at its restaurants in Venezuela.

In a statement carried in Criptonoticias, a cryptocurrency media outlet that publishes in Spanish, Sampayo explained that KFC had indeed held discussions about testing Dash, but emphasized that the two parties were yet to finalize contract talks.

Sampayo, therefore, noted that any reports to the effect that the fast-food chain is accepting Dash payments “is not a fact, nor has the publication of any news about it been authorized.”

The move to deny the reports saw Dash Merchant Venezuela, the group that ostensibly publicized the news, post a public apology, part of which called the earlier announcement “unfortunate” and “premature,” reflecting the group’s “optimism instead of the current stage of [their] discussions with KFC Venezuela.”

The group added:

“We regret the error and would like to apologize to KFC Venezuela, their directors and the general public.”

Dash Merchant also moved to clarify that consultations about initiating DASH payments in the Chacao Municipality of Caracas were ongoing. However, KFC Venezuela will have to approve any plans to use the crypto.

Dash Merchant had made the earlier announcement following a tweet by Mark Mason, media director at DashNews. The PR manager had on December 7 noted that KFC Venezuela would be accepting payments in Dash in the coming week.

He also indicated that the first KFC restaurant in the country to accept the crypto would be the capital Caracas, followed by KFC restaurants in 24 locations.

There are reportedly 2,400 merchants that accept Dash in Venezuela, but according to Alejandro Echeverría, a crypto enthusiast and co-founder of pro-Dash platforms like Dash Merchant Venezuela, Dash Help, and Dash Text, the use of the cryptocurrency may see the number of merchants grow to about 10,000 within the next one year.

(Source: Dash Nation; CriptoNoticias)

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