Chinese Search Engine Baidu Releases Whitepaper For Its Blockchain Open Network

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has released a whitepaper outlining its intentions to develop a blockchain "super chain" called Xuperchain.


Chinese search engine giant Baidu has released a whitepaper outlining its intentions to develop a blockchain “super chain” called Xuperchain.

Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0 released

In a September 26 Twitter post, Baidu announced the release of its whitepaper for the independent network system “XuperChain”.

The team discussed the possibility of commercializing the Baidu “blockchain-as-a-service” (BaaS) cloud.

Other XuperChain-based applications include:

  • Totem
  • Degree Universe
  • Baidu Association
  • Treasure Chest
  • Encyclopedia Online
  • Hubert.

The whitepaper noted that the Baidu XuperChain will be more effective than the normal blockchain since it can be operated without powerful hardware because the XuperChain will make use of multi-core parallel calculations to maximize processor efficiency and increasing network bandwidth.

The superchain will serve as a control system for sidechains, which will serve individual applications independently. The system will also support consensus through voting.

The self-developed system is expected to help the company address the challenge of computing and data storage by making use of the distributed ledger technology.

The development team is expecting the transaction speed of the XuperChain to reach 10,000 transactions per second via inter-chain parallel tech and a stereoscopic network, according to the whitepaper.

The whitepaper further revealed that Baidu is looking to make use of the system to solve other issues such as food safety, supply chain management, travel, manufacturing, tourism, intellectual property and trading, and social networking.

As an open network, the XuperChain will enable developers to develop relevant infrastructure and apps that can be used on the system.

With the help of XuperChain, the search engine giant will be able to certify their digital rights, settlements, debts, supply chains, digital assets, and games.

The whitepaper was released by Baidu’s Blockchain Lab, which ensures the company maintains it’s edge by exploring the latest developments in the blockchain industry.

Baidu pointed out that the XuperChain will be designed to integrate big data tools and also AI technology.

Baidu favors blockchain over cryptocurrencies

Just like the other leading Chinese companies, Baidu is looking to tap into the blockchain technology but isn’t a fan of cryptocurrencies.

The search engine giant last month revealed that it is planning to block cryptocurrency-related content on its online forums.

By so doing, Baidu joins other top Chinese companies like Tencent and Alibaba in clamping down on cryptocurrency activities on their platforms.

Baidu has been working with blockchain since the start of the year when it launched its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform.

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