CFA Institute Adds Crypto And Blockchain To Educational Program


The prestigious CFA Institute, a globally recognized finance program, has officially embraced cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The CFA Institute has announced that is will be adding topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain to curriculum, and would appear in its global finance exams starting as of 2019.

The institute runs a three-level global program which sees its students earn the much-coveted credential of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

The topics related to cryptos and blockchain to be added would only find their way into the curriculum and exam of the Level I and Level II.

CFA Institute updates curriculum with cryptocurrency

The topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain are part of a new reading in the CFA curriculum known as Fintech in Investment Management and would be part of the 2019 curriculum and exam.

Materials on the topics added would be made available by August of this year, giving students the opportunity to start logging a recommended 300 hours of study time for the course.

In a bid to keep up to date with the fast evolving landscape of financial services, the institute began monitoring the development of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology some time ago.

Managing director for general education and curriculum at the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, Stephen Horan, in his publication said: “We saw the field advancing more quickly than other fields, and we also saw it as more durable.”

A record of 227,031 people in 91 countries registered to take the CFA exams in June, seeking a better understanding of finance, improved job prospects.

The decision to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain into the curriculum of CFA Institute is also need-based. The new topics will also make an appearance in the CFA readings on professional ethics.

The need for more cryptocurrency and blockchain based education is on the rise given the explosive nature of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have found its way into the financial industry and a lot of other industries, hence education on the subject is inevitable.

Wall Street veering towards crypto adoption

In its early days, Wall Street experts were highly critical of cryptocurrencies. However, the increasing participation of Wall Street in cryptocurrencies is becoming more flagrant.

Most multi-national firms are now looking to integrate blockchains and cryptocurrencies into their systems for faster and cheaper movement of money between countries.

Regardless of the current bearish trends plaguing the crypto market, the institution and most Wall Street experts are beginning to view cryptocurrency and its accompanying technology as an essential for financial proficiency.

This is another great feat reached by the industry and could mark the beginning of widespread adoption in this sector and beyond.

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