Top 3 New Developments That Will Make You Invest In Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s philosophy is the reason for its popularity. While other giants like Bitcoin experience significant flaws, more people are considering this option.


Cardano’s philosophy is the reason for its popularity. While other giants like Bitcoin experience significant flaws, more people are considering this option.

When compared with others, ADA coin started as a nanoscopic and minute coin. It is very common to find ADA coin listed among small coins that can generate lucrative profits. Cardano (ADA) brings memories.

The team behind it is promising. They once promised to introduce a hardware wallet. Cardano has a hungry and active community. Through technological advances, ADA coin continues to gather a massive following. Below are the latest 3 important ADA coin news you should know.

New Casino Platform – You should have heard of the term “crypto-gambling.”  It’s hard to introduce casino games in the blockchain technology because of existing obstacles. For instance, what if customers win more? Will transaction charges increase? In their white paper, Cardano (ADA) promised to introduce a new, and fair casino game. However, the officials encouraged players to trust nothing else, but the code.

It may please some of you that the new casino game might have zero transaction fees. In previous casino games, the coding is programmed to make no loss. As a result, the bookmakers always win.

ADA coin will not be the first one to introduce casino games in digital currencies. Nevertheless, this will make ADA coin achieve its objective of executing more developments than any previous cryptocurrency.

Ledger Hardware – This happens to be good news for Cardano fans. In reality, cryptocurrencies have many types of wallets, where users store virtual money. You can get a mobile wallet, a web wallet, a desktop app wallet, paper wallets, or hardware wallets.

On Feb 1, 2018, Cardano Foundation launched a ledger hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are the most reliable way of storing cryptocurrencies offline. This integration will refine its security features.

Falling Prices – According to expert analysis, Cardano (ADA) is set to decline further. From the headlines, Cardano’s price dropped from $0.600 to $0.400. The dollar $0.600 mark made it soar to the fifth position. However, the decline in prices didn’t face ADA coin alone, but also other digital currencies like Bitcoin. This wavy shift is normal in the cryptocurrency world. For this reason, many investors sold their ADA coins for fear of further decline.

By analyzing ADA’s greatest strengths and weakness, investors can have a clue about the future. According to IOHK, the research department of this currency, the tech runs on Haskell programming language, which can eliminate malware. Besides, Cardano strives to eliminate losses experienced in other digital currencies.

Therefore, it splits its ledgers into two, computational and settlement layers. The computation layer deals with smart contracts, whereas the settlement layer handles balances. The Foundation promises open transactions. In addition, we have it has its community where one can air out grievances.

For the reasons mentioned, Cardano (ADA) has vast potential. As at now, it is still in an incubation stage. If you are an investor, then stake what you can afford to lose.

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