Reasons Why Tron (TRX) Is Better Than Cardano (ADA)?


Both TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) have had a fruitful week for their respective platforms. While TRON launched its mainnet yesterday, Cardano released its V1.2 update earlier in the week. And quite understandably, there’s been a lot of excitement surrounding these two projects.

Cardano has however had a better week in the market compared to TRON. In the last 7 days, ADA is +6.60% higher while TRX is -17.47% lower. The reasons for a lack of upside movements for TRX aren’t that clear, but the run-up to the mainnet hasn’t been as expected. These aside, are there reasons that make TRON better than Cardano? In other words, what could appeal to an investor if they have to choose between these two projects?

Growth potential and ambition gives TRON advantage

It’s often billed as the potential coin of the year, with a potential to tackle current problems affecting the web. Due to this potential and the groundwork laid by the team, it beats most other coins, not just Cardano.

TRON isn’t just a cryptocurrency, TRX being the native coin. It hasn’t put its ambition in competing with the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The team has rather set their eyes on decentralizing the web, a bigger and more ambitious project that could catapult it to the moon. It will make it easy for users to monetize their content without the need to be controlled by big corporations.

To help realize this ambition, Justin Sun, the CEO has put together an impressive team of top engineers from giants like Alibaba, IBM, Tencent, and Baidu.

The team has already overseen three milestones for TRON in a relatively short time, compared to Cardano. The team was able to release the testnet that went on smoothly. That was on March 31st.

On May 25 they also unveiled the TRON Virtual Machine. The VM is designed to offer millions of dApps developers the necessary tools for utilizing the platform. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Ethereum, making it possible to support migration to a next-gen platform.

TRON’s marketing

TRON has created a buzz in cryptocurrency circles for the better part of 2018, rising in popularity that has reached dizzying heights. At the moment, it appears very little negativity surrounds the project. Even though Cardano was built from the ground up, its exciting platform hasn’t created a buzz as TRON has. The “new kid” in crypto has attracted the attention of most investors who see in it a potential that beats that of Cardano.

The biggest pull might be its popularity, but that’s not all. The project is said to be in line for a major partnership that could mean immediate adoption. Currently, the team has been able to partner players in the entertainment industry like, UPLive, and vSport. And connections that the founder Sun has in China mean there’s the possibility for real growth.

In addition, the ease with which users can interact with and use the blockchain to publish entertainment content promises to lead to a massive growth spurt once its mainnet launches.

TRON’s governance system

One of the most awaited events on the TRON calendar is the Super Representative Elections, scheduled for 26th of June. It will form the main basis upon which the crypto will run as a self-governed community.

Cardano (ADA) is reputed for being transparent and auditable, but the elections make TRON more decentralized and give the community the power to run the project. It’s little wonder then that these elections have attracted some of the big players in the industry. It’s another sign that the project is headed in the right direction as far as governance is concerned.

At the moment, all eyes are on TRON (TRX). In the next 20 odd days, the mainnet that went live yesterday will be tested and fine-tuned to see if there are any bugs. In fact, $100k has been offered as a bounty for anyone who helps find bugs on the platform. The pace at which the TRX platform is growing is threatening to leave every other coin behind.

Even though prices have stagnated or dropped in the lead to the network going live, the expectation is that it will rally sooner.

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