Cardano (ADA): New Partnership Opens Up Potential For Mainstream Adoption


Mainstream adoption is what every cryptocurrency is after, and are happy to get into partnerships which could open up the way into it. Cardano (ADA) was pleased to announce a partnership that could possibly open up the digital asset into its largest market yet.

EMURGO, a Japanese blockchain startup announced the integration of Cardano’s ADA coins into Metaps plus. The partnership with Metaps plus, a South Korean payment platform would involve integrating Cardano into the Metaps plus platform which is responsible for 10 million mobile to offline transactions.

While full integration is not to be expected until Q3, Cardano’s partnership with Metaps would signify adoption on a larger scale for ADA, Asia is one of largest cryptocurrency markets, and this might be the beginning phases of Cardano’s entry into a market passionate about Cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, one of EMURGO’s main goals is to bring about large-scale adoption among partners who wish to utilize the blockchain upon which Cardano is built to mainstream companies around the world.

Integration of ADA into these platforms would open up the opportunity for Cardano to expand more rapidly in the already established Asian market. According to Metaps PR, upon integration, Cardano’s ADA would be used in over 33,000 offline franchise stores, this could spell a new dawn for Cardano.

Cardano Turns Back to Switzerland

Perhaps by now, Cardano Foundation is already known for its busy Schedule and chain of meetups hosted across the globe. But this time, Cardano would be hosting its first ever meetup in Switzerland on June 13, 2018. While it seems to be a ‘regular’ meetup, there are some interesting things about Switzerland.

Firstly, Cardano was registered in Switzerland 18 months ago before its ICO. Zug, a small city in Switzerland about half an hour drive from Zurich, is home to over 200 blockchain companies, which of course includes Cardano Foundation.

Switzerland’s liberal yet pragmatic legal infrastructure for blockchain is one of the important reasons why blockchain companies have thrived in the country. After 18 months, Cardano Foundation would be returning to Switzerland to discuss with the Cardano community on the state of their projects, better late than never.

The Cardano foundation seems to be more interested in securing future dominance of the asset with more concentration on research and by delving into markets which have been left mostly untouched by the cryptoverse. This can be seen in Cardano’s partnership with countries in Africa, Ethiopia is the most recent, South America and notably the Caribbean.

Price and Performance of Cardano (ADA)

At the moment, the trading value of Cardano is not the most convincing. The asset last traded at $1 in January, ever since, ADA has struggled to maintain a constant price rise. At 10:10 (UTC), Cardano along with 70% of the other cryptocurrencies are back into the red zone again.

Cardano (ADA) is currently trading at $0.24 following a value drop of 3.6% over the last 24 hours. Cardano is now ranked 7th on the cryptocurrency ranking with an estimated market cap of $6.3 Billion USD.

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