Canadian University Introduces ‘First’ Graduate Courses On Blockchain And DLT


Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC) has introduced new blockchain-related courses offered to its graduate students.

In an announcement made on June 11, the UBC stated that the institution will begin offering training courses that will allow their Master’s and PhD scholars study and research blockchain technology and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

The university’s move provides the first foray into blockchain training for graduates in Canada.

According to the institution, this training path has been tailored to build and enhance scholarly competency in the blockchain technology space.

The program’s main focus will be on the application of the emerging tech in four sectors that could greatly benefit the public. These sectors are health and wellness, regulatory technology, clean energy, and Indigenous issues.

UBC expects to formally launch the program in January 2020 and has indicated that their target is to provide training to 139 students over the next six years. As well as developing new skills in the blockchain tech and DLT space, students are expected to bring about research that can drive fiscal growth.

The program also expects that graduates will equip themselves with the necessary tools crucial to the evaluation of blockchain solutions.

Additionally, the project will expose the students to a range of high-value internships; with students getting the opportunities to identify key implementations of the technology.

As per UBC’s press release, the program will incorporate national nonprofit Mitacs and 15 other partners. Together, Mitacs and the industry players will contribute a total of CA$2.44 million to see the successful completion of 156 internships. The funds will also be used to support post-doctoral training under the same initiative.

Although the graduate courses are the first training programs at UBC, it’s not the first time students have shown interest in the tech. in 2014, students at the institution’s Vancouver campus inaugurated UBC’s first Bitcoin (BTC) club.

The club’s objective is to provide and foster an environment that allows for the study and development of bitcoin-related programs, events, projects and businesses among other blockchain-powered endeavors.

The Vancouver campus club purportedly focuses on a number of developments, including bitcoin-related education and payment options tailored for on-campus merchants. Other areas of focus are access to industry experts for mentorship and provision of incubation services for on-campus bitcoin businesses.

In late May, Dublin City University and ICT Skillnet signed a collaboration agreement that is expected to bring the first blockchain tech course for master’s students in Ireland.

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