Can Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Compete With Other Privacy Coins Like Monero (XMR) and Dash?


Bitcoin Private a crypto project set out to provide maximum privacy and security as opposed to transparency has reached remarkable heights within a short span in the crypto verse.

Bitcoin Private launched as a fork from ZClassic which itself was forked from Bitcoin, ever since, the asset has been at the forefront of privacy coins.

Can Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Compete With Other Privacy Coins Like Monero (XMR) and Dash?Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

Bitcoin Private, being a fork of ZClassic and utilizing the zk-SNARKs technology. Provides the highest level of security on any blockchain network.

Transactions on the Bitcoin Private network are shielded and cannot be read; complete anonymity of transaction.

Bitcoin Private permits users to choose between a public address or private address for their transactions. Private addresses utilize the zk-SNARKs technology.

Bitcoin Private’s peculiar algorithm provides evidence of ownership without revealing the units owned. Users can efficiently redeem funds without a traceable history.

Monero (XMR)

Unlike most other privacy coins, Monero implements a unique algorithm on its blockchain. Monero is based on the CryptoNight proof of work hash algorithm.

Monero’s also brings to the plate a high-level security, the Stealth addresses generated by Monero for transactions makes it almost impossible to discover the actual location or address of the transaction.

Dash (DASH)

Dash was forked from Bitcoin’s blockchain in 2014 to provide better solutions for transaction speeds, scalability and most importantly private transactions.

Dash is not solely focused on privacy in transactions like the previous altcoins but provides enough privacy for users to conceal their addresses during transactions.

Price Comparison

When Comparing the prices of these three altcoins, Bitcoin private falls short. With a price of $15.46, BTCP is the least valued asset.

Dash has the highest value amongst the three $269.36 (ranked 13 with a market cap of $2.19 billion USD) while Dash 14th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $2.09 billion USD and a value of $129.35.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Gets Strong Proclamation

Although not the most valued digital asset, Bitcoin Private has been an outstanding project.

Bitcoin private has received noteworthy acknowledgments that further enhances the reputation of the project.

A couple of weeks back, Bitcoin private received some interesting predictions and acknowledgment from John McAfee.

John McAfee, technologist and founder of McAfee made a series of interesting predictions about Bitcoin Private (BTCP).

McAfee predicted that Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has a great chance of leading the bull charge (and it has).

According to McAfee, BTCP has the ability to hit $15,000 and topple Bitcoin in the future.

Market Performance of Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is one of the fastest growing privacy coins in the crypto market. BTCP managed to break into the top 30 cryptocurrencies within three months of its launch.

Amidst the crypto market decline, BTCP recorded substantial growth, emerging in the list of top gainers on some occasions.

As at the time of this writing, Bitcoin private (BTCP) is up by 3.45% over the last 24 hours, giving the digital asset a trade – exchange value of $15.72.

The market falter has seen Bitcoin private drop ranks; the altcoin is now ranked 45 with an estimated market capitalization of $316.5 million USD.

In Conclusion

Bitcoin Private’s value, market capitalization, and ranks may not be up to par with its contemporaries, Monero and Dash but still has enough momentum to compete with them.

Bitcoin private is the fastest growing privacy coin, slowly growing into widespread adoption, Bitcoin Private has the potential to overtake Monero and Dash in the future.

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